In today’s episode our new hosts Emilia Clarke, TJ Miller, Michael Fassbender and Dane Cook are talking all about a very fun subject: file organisation… So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] The gang gets a great chuckle over their celebrity comparisons.
[2:20] Community pole shows everyone is asking about file org.
[3:00] How do you name and organize to find files again easily?
[4:00] Poor file organization can cripple your company.
[5:00] Tom talks about Michael Janda’s file organization.
[6:00] The time suck of searching for files.
[7:00] Ian recalls his days at the agency and their file system.
[8:00] Working at a printer, Ian mastered file organization.
[9:30] Lisa admits she is an organization nerd.
[10:18] Lisa’s file org system has saved her bacon countless times.
[11:00] Completed job and invoiced status stickers help Lisa quickly see job status.
[12:00] Don’t fall for the Organize Desktop button!
[13:00] Dustin talks organizing online design resource purchases.
[14:00] Adobe Bridge, Pinterest and PDF Galleries.
[15:00] Lisa shares how she organizes her purchased mockups.
[16:00] The Marie Condo method exhausts Ian.
[17:00] Lean into your strengths and farm out your weakness.
[18:00] Working at an agency early on builds great organization skills.
[19:30] Dustin asks Lisa for 3 baby steps to amazing file org.
[20:00] Tom talks through his current organization.
[21:00] Download Folders, Desktop and Note Pad Notes. OH MY!
[22:00] Computer Org: beautiful for a day and then chaos 2 months from now.
[23:00] We have Screenshot Hoarders here.
[24:00] Lisa shares the same download and desktop problem.
[25:35] A job numbering system is a must.
[26:00] Lisa explains her SKU numbering system.
[27:00] Ian asks if a product that never launches should have a job number.
[28:00] Organize products for all selling sites under one job number.
[29:00] Use a table or Excel to list out products for larger catalogs.
[30:25] Font files and graphics organization.
[31:30] Apple’s built in tag system.
[32:20] Juggling multiple fonts – FontExplorerX.
[33:00] Multiple fonts can be overwhelming for your mind and your computer.
[34:30] Tom struggles with font choice, organization and management.
[35:00] Ian shares more on managing fonts.
[36:30] Fonts you don’t need.
[37:00] System fonts.
[38:00] STIX font is a system font. Do NOT .
[39:00] The STIX hamster wheel.
[41:00] Project Complete. Now what?
[42:00] Best project organization practices.
[43:00] The other side of Lisa’s office.
[45:00] Where do you start for the beginner organizer?
[46:00] Prevent overwhelm start with your next project.
[47:00] Lisa has blown the guys’ minds.
[48:00] Break down your organization project in pieces.
[49:50] Write down what you have to see how you need to organize.
[50:50] DaisyDisk and Clean My Mac.
[51:30] We all procrastinate at some point until it’s knocking at your door.
[52:30] Quick wrap up.
[53:00] Coding, Manual Folders, Tagging, Bridge, Pinterest.
[54:00] There’s an App for that. Find software that helps your struggles.
[55:00] It’s ok to talk one step backward to move two forward.
[56:00] We just made files fun!
[57:00] That’s a wrap!

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