In today’s episode we are talking about different ways to make a profit as a creative. Some businesses bring more value to the consumer and therefore they’ll be able to command a much higher price point for them. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom intros today’s show by explaining today’s topic.
[2:00] Tom imposes some rules for answers.
[3:30] What are the jobs we can do to make fair money as designers?
[4:00] What makes up your fair asking price?
[5:00] Reputation builds your price.
[6:00] Dustin asks what business services the group is willing to pay the most for.
[7:00] Ian shares what he is willing to splurge on: kitchen remodel!
[8:00] Same job two different quotes and presentations.
[9:00] Ian explains why first impressions are really everything.
[10:00] Provide a great experience from start to finish. It sells!
[11:00] Tom answers Dustin’s question on what he’s willing to pay for.
[12:00] Marketing, pain points and specialties.
[13:00] Designer vs brand strategist.
[14:00] Dustin questions the value of a brand.
[15:30] Ticking more boxes helps you niche, specialize and make more money.
[16:20] This is where Lisa believes a lot of designers go wrong.
[17:00] Be able to defend your price.
[18:00] Price the client.
[19:00] It’s so hard to put a solid number on a brand.
[20:00] Before and afters sell.
[21:00] The United Pixelworkers Union.
[22:00] The Value scale and where profitable jobs fall on it.
[23:00] Logo, branding, web, client services, full packages.
[25:00] Working around the price with clients who can’t afford you.
[26:00] Passive income can be anything and is very profitable.
[27:00] Licensing services.
[29:00] Great at pitching? Rep your design friends!
[30:00] Realize there is a ladder of value from price to reputation.
[31:00] With intention you really can climb the value ladder!
[32:00] Give ideas a try and see if they work. You’ll never know if you don’t try.
[34:20] Dustin shares his estate purchase and resale work and dollar store baskets.
[35:45] Ian’s video tape conversion business.
[36:00] This is not what we mean by specialization.
[37:00] Design jobs that have bombed.
[38:00] The road to a successful design business is not paved in gold.
[39:00] That’s a wrap!

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