In today’s episode, our hosts are talking all about spinning all the plates in your creative business… So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom opens the floor to the crew to open the discussion.
[2:30] People knock the 9-5, but freelance is a struggle.
[3:00] As a freelancer you never get to switch off and leave it at the office.
[4:00] The gang lists all the job titles they hold as a freelancer.
[5:00] Ian talks about some of the hats he wears.
[6:00] Dustin was never trusted with this hat as a 9-5er and is now owning it.
[7:40] Everyone thinks they want to be a manager, but…
[8:00] The higher up you go, the less hands-on creativity you will get.
[9:00] Are you ok with being less creative?
[10:00] Lisa wishes she could just shut everything off and create.
[11:00] Tom lists the four different types of creative worker bees.
[12:00] Ian shares why he’d rather earn less and enjoy than stress to earn more.
[13:00] Ian is content with a one-man operation right now.
[14:00] Joys of finding and hiring the right person who cares about your business.
[15:00] Dustin’s team knows the goals and roles with or without him.
[16:30] Letting go of control is rewarding but can be scary.
[17:30] Tom talks about meeting Dustin’s Suzanne for the first time.
[18:10] The massive jobs associated with the Editor Hat.
[19:20] Ian talks the hats he didn’t even know he needed to wear.
[20:00] Falling into the marketing rabbit hole.
[21:00] Going deep in one area of your business is not possible for one person.
[22:00] Comments are a huge job in itself.
[23:40] Stop what you are doing and identify where you are spending your time.
[24:30] It takes time to make great changes in your business.
[25:00] I repeat: you cannot wear all the hats.
[26:10] The solo freelance world is a world of crazy chaos. Honestly.
[27:00] Social Media is all smoke and mirrors.
[28:00] Get comfortable sharing your real self. Perfect is unattainable.
[29:00] It took Lisa a while to accept bringing extra help on.
[30:00] Customer support is super important to Lisa and letting go was scary.
[31:00] Put your control freak on pause and let people do their job.
[32:30] Singularity hasn’t happened yet so you have to have help.
[33:20] Tom invites Ian to share his view.
[34:00] There is more than one person behind the curtain.
[35:40] Ian talks how Lauren Hom employs lettering help.
[36:00] The clever process Lauren Hom has implemented.
[37:40] The hats become more specific as you scale your business.
[38:00] Smaller business hats are more broad.
[39:00] The more involved you become, the more important the smaller things become.
[40:00] The fire analogy for building a business.
[41:00] That’s a wrap!

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“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD