Are you tired? Exhausted? Knackered? Generally fatigued? We are talking all about it in today’s episode. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Welcome to the show!
[2:50] We jumped topics today.
[3:40] Lisa shares her exhaustion level.
[4:30] Mad scientist phase.
[5:00] Adrenaline overload and unable to unwind.
[6:00] You’re not alone if you’re feeling over amped and under rested.
[7:00] We no longer know how to relax and do nothing.
[8:00] It’s true the outside world affects us and how we relax.
[9:00] Tom shares his Twitter news overload.
[10:00] Everyday we are pelted by constant negativity.
[11:00] Ian talks about how your mental state affects your work.
[12:00] More coffee, more sleep and still the same work road blocks.
[13:00] Sometimes you just need to be 10 again to get through life.
[14:00] Play is the best stress reliever.
[15:00] Content created in the last 24 hours is more than all time. What?!
[16:00] Balance is life and work.
[17:00] Free spirit life.
[18:00] Outwitting yourself into making better choices.
[19:00] Put the cocoa pebbles down.
[20:30] Today’s promises for tomorrow.
[21:00] Tom talks about his social addiction.
[22:00] No phone challenge has been implemented by Tom with the group.
[23:00] Tom gets the team agree to ditch screens for a day.
[24:00] October 25 is no screen day.
[25:00] No peeking or you have to pay $$$.
[26:00] Information overwhelm exhausts you.
[27:00] Decision fatigue.
[28:00] The power in the mundane.
[29:30] Dustin talks about a new read.
[30:00] Can the ‘keep going’ mentality destroy your creativity?
[31:00] We are all taking less vacation time.
[32:30] Tom offers metaphors on social media mental effects.
[33:00] The rat race of chasing social media.
[35:00] Social media is a void and money isn’t evil.
[36:00] Focus more on experiences and less on being the best.
[37:20] Getting distracted before you ever get started.
[39:30] Tom aspires to have ‘No Screen Sunday’ as a regular day.
[40:00] Lisa feels great after having no screen time.
[41:00] Trading sleep for drawing time.
[42:00] Exhaustion grows from late nights and pushing bedtime off.
[44:00] Tom’s friend pokes fun.
[45:00] Fatigue Buster Tip #1 – No screens in bed.
[46:00] Fatigue Buster Tip #2 – Opt for paper books at night.
[47:00] Fatigue Buster Tip #3 – Exercise.
[48:00] When you lose something, you find your true self.
[49:00] Having a ‘Cats in the Cradle’ moment.
[50:00] Hiding your Apple pencil.
[51:00] We hope this episode has helped your find ways to energize.
[52:00] And that’s a wrap.

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