In today’s episode, our host Dustin Lee shares with us this program from a marketing seminar he’s taking and showing us how can you charge ten times more without doing ten times the work… So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Dustin gives some context on today’s topic.
[2:20] Tom questions what the business model looks like for this.
[3:40] If you have no choice but to charge 10 times more, what would you do?
[4:00] Look for this type of client to increase your rates.
[5:00] Stop trying to increase value and sell to the same small clients.
[6:00] From surgery in India to restaurants. It’s all about the clientele.
[7:30] When you pay more you expect more.
[8:00] The holistic client experience explained.
[9:00] You don’t have to change your client offerings to gain a high end feel.
[10:00] Dustin talks how he has opted for elevated client offerings.
[11:00] Seal of approval sells a lot of features.
[12:00] Price point speaks volumes about your products and services.
[13:00] The team banter about the psychology of pricing.
[14:00] Get. Better. Clients!
[16:00] Be fully present with your clients.
[17:30] The guy in the $5000 suit doesn’t hold the elevator. What!?
[18:20] We touched on the type of client but more importantly is the client situation.
[19:00] Clients want to hire the ONE who will fix their problems.
[20:00] Want to charge more? Find better problems to solve.
[21:00] Tom uses his digital business contracts for designers as an example.
[22:00] Teach a man to fish.
[23:00] Repackaging into bite sized portions.
[25:00] Tom uses hampers as a more expensive repackaging example.
[26:00] Ian asks Tom to explain how repackaging would look in the design world.
[27:00] Reselling design work.
[28:10] Tom knows a few logo designers who sell their rejected logos.
[29:00] Seeing the glittering gold in sawdust.
[30:00] IOS14 icon design sells is peaking.
[31:00] Keying into a hot trend can earn you big bucks.
[32:00] Pineapple trends and pricing.
[33:15] Creative Hamper – in-depth research, creative and roll out.
[34:00] Do the same work but repackage it and sell it for more.
[35:00] That’s a wrap!

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