In today’s episode we are talking about this big and important question (“why should someone hire us?”) and we are going to break down how to come up with a good answer for it… So without further ado, let’s get into the show.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] You need to have an answer for the question “why you?” during interviews.
[2:00] Answering this question also helps you talk to potential clients.
[3:00] You need to have a good handle on what sets you apart from the rest.
[4:00] Tom questions Lisa on what she sells.
[5:00] Tom asks Lisa why he should buy her resources.
[6:15] Lisa goes the extra mile with examples, tutorials and videos.
[7:30] Dustin shares that he has purchased from Lisa and blows her mind.
[8:00] Why Dustin decided to purchase from Lisa.
[9:00] Lisa is truly customer centric.
[10:00] When you purchase from Lisa you buy into a family of products.
[11:10] Skill stacking defined and why you need it.
[12:00] Elevating yourself to the top.
[13:20] Does Lisa feel more confident in answering the “why you?” question?
[14:00] Charm, personality and experience.
[15:00] No one will ever be the right person for everyone.
[16:25] Ian’s custom work.
[17:00] Be irreplaceable like Kentucky Fried Chicken.
[18:00] Make it so they can’t go anywhere else for your style of work.
[19:10] Be like a fine aged beef.
[20:30] How do you create scarcity when you are new?
[21:00] Dustin and Lisa disagree on the scarcity of individual skills.
[22:00] As the designer you always deliver skills that are individual to you.
[23:00] Interviews look at three things: skills, experience and personality.
[24:10] Early career days are like quicksand.
[25:00] The right effort applied to the right places builds success.
[26:30] There is no straight line from zero to success.
[27:00] Tom and Dustin use celebrities as an example of break out moments.
[28:00] Working hard early affords relaxation later.
[29:00] Early videos were hard but Ian now feels more comfortable on camera.
[30:00] Proper growth happens around 5-10 years in. Have patience.
[31:10] Think long term. Success is compound interest.
[32:00] Learn how, build, sell it and repeat.
[33:00] All your skills from the past will eventually be used.
[34:40] Tom closes out the show.
[35:00] And that’s a wrap!

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