In today’s episode we are diving into the wonderful world of lettering while we pick Ian’s big brain! So without further ado… let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Ian feels envious of the builders working at his home.
[3:00] Tom opens today’s episode and invites Ian to share more about lettering.
[4:00] Lisa suggests Tom is going easy on Ian’s episode questions.
[5:00] Only other time in our history that people were paid to draw letters.
[6:10] Ian walks us through what his career looks like.
[7:00] Back in the day of Letraset.
[8:10] Lettering has been everywhere and Ian never paid attention.
[9:00] Ian chose calligraphy as an art he could possibly add to his business.
[10:00] Tom asks if Ian chose lettering due to feeling constricted with fonts.
[11:00] Lettering adds that personal touch that a typeface can not.
[12:00] Dustin asks Ian what his initial intentions were with lettering.
[13:00] Ian never dreamed he would become known for lettering.
[14:00] You’ll always be in demand if you can do something others cannot do.
[15:00] Ian believes he will never be a master at lettering due to this one thing.
[16:50] Lisa asks Ian how she can improve her hand lettering skills.
[17:00] Lettering is not a comfort zone for Lisa.
[18:00] Knowing the basics of calligraphy, typography, lettering.
[19:00] Seeing you past mistakes.
[20:00] Looking at your own work with a critical eye.
[21:10] Tom has noticed his own work may look off but cannot pinpoint why.
[22:00] Ian now has a critical eye for lettering.
[23:00] Dustin uses guitar as an analogy.
[24:00] One way of learning is to copy others’ work to learn yet not to earn.
[25:00] Second opinions help you learn more about your craft and your work.
[26:00] Why typefaces are made the way they are.
[27:00] With experience comes speed and confidence.
[28:00] Learn to kern.
[29:00] When you educate yourself it can make it hard to appreciate work.
[30:00] Japanese tea ceremony.
[31:40] Tom talks music and compares it to Ian’s work.
[32:00] Tom asks Ian if he’s seen technically perfect yet boring lettering.
[33:00] Loose letter styles can be tricky.
[34:00] Perfect can remove personality all together.
[35:00] Sometimes less knowledge is better.
[36:00] Final knowledge bomb from Ian. You need to love the process.
[37:00] You got to have passion to succeed.
[38:00] And that’s a wrap!

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