In today’s episode, our hosts are talking all about the importance of pausing, taking a stop and planning for the year ahead. So without further ado… Let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] The spider monkeys try to distract Tom during his intro.
[2:00] This time of year is when most set goals for the coming year.
[3:00] Big announcement!
[4:00] Tom shares why we are taking some time off.
[5:10] Who are the planners on the team and who are not?
[6:00] Dustin has been inspired by Seth Godin and is making big exciting changes.
[7:00] Through discussions with Cliff, this is what Lisa has learned about business plans.
[8:00] Lisa needs a more loose approach for her goals.
[9:45] Ian opens up about how he plans his yearly goals.
[10:00] Last years goal – 100,000 YouTube followers.
[11:40] Ian wishes he was a better planner.
[12:15] Construction contractor planning envy.
[13:00] Ian needs someone to impose hard goals so he can achieve milestones.
[14:25] Guess who’s not a big planner?
[15:40] Dustin is intrigued and digs deeper to get a sense of Tom’s planning.
[16:00] Tom shares how he setup everything for his site in 1.5 hours.
[17:30] Ian plans very loosely with daily priorities.
[18:10] Lisa has learned she’s got to stop over-planning.
[19:00] Stop trying to put a square peg into a round hole.
[20:00] The key is to find a process that works for you.
[21:00] No app will solve all your life’s planning problems.
[22:00] You have to learn new skills to save time in the future.
[23:00] Apps like Listonic have really helped Ian get organized and plan.
[24:00] Trello and Airtable work well for Lisa.
[25:00] Dustin swears by the Zequenz notebooks for ideas and SnagIt.
[27:20] Intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.
[28:00] The importance of understanding why you want something.
[30:00] Showing up every day is the real secret.
[31:20] Fall in love with the act of discipline.
[32:40] Motivation is like a rocket booster to get you going.
[33:00] Exercise motivation and discipline.
[34:00] Running and motivation.
[35:30] The dreaded question, “what’s your 2-5 year goal?”
[36:00] Goals are like living, breathing beings. Tom shares some Design Cuts goals.
[37:00] Personal, business and personal business goals.
[38:00] List and tick off.
[39:20] Lisa talks about mental morale and list making.
[40:10] Tom shares how mundane acts combat mental overwhelm.
[41:10] Organizing to gain control.
[42:00] Small things make a HUGE difference for good and for bad.
[43:00] This is the definition of insanity.
[45:45] Tom wants to remove as many intention pauses as possible.
[46:00] Find a way to stop time sucks, not put off.
[47:00] Life’s perpetual hamster wheel.
[48:00] We are all in the same boat with these feelings.
[50:00] Unthinking the to-do list.
[51:00] Dustin killing it with the humor.
[53:00] Wishing you all an amazing and relaxing December.
[54:00] We will see you all in 2021!
[55:00] That’s a wrap!

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