This week we’re getting real, real personal. In a departure from the usual design chats, we chose to share some pretty personal things about ourselves, so that you can get to know your regular hosts a little bit better. It gets weird, it gets kind of deep and more than a little bit random. We hope you enjoy it, and without further ado let’s get into the show.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom opens up and explains why it was decided to do this show
[2:00] Ian thinks sharing more personal information could help others
[3:20] Tom explains how the show questions will be shared
[4:00] Tom asks Dustin which Spice Girl he would most want to be
[4:30] Dustin’s lack of Spice Girl knowledge makes for great conversation
[5:00] Tom asks the group, “What would we all do if we weren’t designers?”
[5:20] Ian talks about once dreaming of being a stuntman
[6:00] Everyone quickly realizes Ian as a stuntman would be dangerous
[7:20] Ian share details of his wild ride while taking his driving test
[8:20] Dustin cracks the group up with a story from his driving test
[8:30] Tom’s explains why it took him three tries to get his driver’s license
[9:10] Lisa shares a tidbit about her driving record and blows everyone’s mind
[10:30] Lisa’s three-point turn got her failed on her first try at her license
[12:00] The group jokes that Lisa is the badass of the group
[13:40] Lisa asks: “What time everyone wakes each day?”
[13:50] Tom shares how he starts his day
[14:20] Tom’s not a morning person and more of a night owl
[14:50] Ian wakes at 7:00 AM and makes Banana Pancakes for his kids
[15:00] Ian walks through his morning ritual
[16:30] Music, walk, coffee, procrastinate
[17:00] Ian gives the group an idea of how his workday goes
[18:00] Dustin’s children are his alarm clock
[19:30] Lisa’s cats wake her
[20:30] Ian asks Lisa when she uses her swimming pool
[20:50] Lisa explains the commonality of pools in South Africa compared to Europe
[21:30] Tom asks the group what their hidden talents are
[22:00] Lisa shares her hidden talents
[22:30] Lisa competes on a national level with one of her talents
[23:30] Dustin is shocked over how tall Lisa is
[24:30] Ian shares his height
[24:50] Two of the hosts are over 6 foot tall
[25:50] Lisa enjoys cooking and making bread
[26:00] The guys lovingly dissect how Lisa pronounces Pizza
[27:00] Lisa gets creative with recipes and makes them her own
[27:30] Dustin shares his hidden talent
[28:00] He then riffs on his guitar
[28:50] Ian shows everyone his wild hidden talent
[29:40] Dustin jokingly compares Ian’s talent to Jurassic Park
[30:40] Tom talks about his talent
[31:20] Tom and Carpool Karaoke
[31:40] He talks about how he is well rounded from a design perspective
[32:25] Tom naturally leans towards creating
[32:50] Dustin asks the group if there is a trend they hate
[33:00] Tom shares one thing he loathes
[33:30] Tom talks Talk Show television and the Kardashian’s
[34:40] Dustin is impressed by Tom’s answer
[35:00] The Pineapple trend in the US bothers Dustin
[35:50] The one selfie trend that has Dustin scowling
[37:20] The group discusses the driving force behind selfies
[37:30] Tom’s carrot head selfie
[38:30] Dustin asks Ian what is driving him bananas at the moment
[39:10] The one thing that drives Ian absolutely bonkers
[41:00] Tom invites the group to share something they absolutely love
[41:10] Lisa shares some of her favourites. Fresh rain and a braai
[41:50] Lisa explains to the group what a braai is
[42:10] Dustin invites Lisa to try Southern BBQ
[43:00] Lisa prefers a proper braai
[43:40] Tom asks for quick random facts about each host
[44:00] Ian shares his visit to Darth Vader’s house
[45:00] Ian talks R2D2, Mercedes, and having tea with a Star of Star Wars
[45:40] Tom drops a fact bomb on the group about Star Wars
[47:00] Dustin talks about hanging out with Gwen Stefani
[48:50] Lisa shares her favorite genre of books
[49:30] Lisa enjoys crime drama and forensic science
[50:30] Reading is one of Lisa’s favorite hobbies and she loves Dean Koontz
[51:20] The group wraps up the show
[52:20] That’s a wrap!

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“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD