This week we’re joined by the loveliest man in the design industry, Mr. Dave Clayton. We’re so excited to welcome Dave to the show. Dave works over at Astute Graphics, who produce some staggeringly good plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator. He’s also a serious conference attendant, runs his own creative podcast at He Shoots, He Draws and seems to know just about everyone in the creative industry. Today we pick Dave’s brain on how to network in a non-sleazy authentic way, and how relationships are the backbone of the creative industry.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom welcomes Dave to the show
[2:30] First Degree of Dave Clayton
[3:20] Networking and meeting new people can be a struggle for some
[4:00] Make an effort to meet internet friends in real life
[5:00] Dustin and Dave’s friendship started out with Skype calls
[5:25] Dave shares how his dad’s openness with others was a huge influence
[6:20] Dave shares his struggle with shyness
[7:30] You can overcome shyness
[8:00] Making the journey from wallflower to social butterfly
[9:00] Reach out and ask to Skype with someone you want to meet
[10:00] Dave shares how he researches and reaches out to meet people he admires
[11:00] Researching people you want to meet is not a bad thing
[12:00] Networking takes patience
[13:00] The give and take of friendships
[14:00] Evolution of friendships
[15:00] Social media can enable forced or sped up friendships
[16:30] In a world of choices don’t scatter yourself trying to be competitive
[17:00] Tom asks Dave to explain the power of conferences
[18:00] The ROI of attending a conference
[19:00] The one event that Dave recommends for those new to conferences
[20:00] You must plan to connect with attendees otherwise you will miss out
[21:00] Dave shares more about his experience at Creative South
[22:00] Be a customer
[23:00] Ian finds it really hard to approach others and asks Dave for advice
[24:00] The power of friend referrals
[25:30] Build connections before the conference so you have budding friendships waiting
[26:00] Ian talks about his travels, workshops and making friends at Creative South
[27:20] Dustin points out how Diane turns volunteering into a networking opportunity
[28:00] Dave shares how he met Diane Gibbs
[29:00] Dave expresses how Diane is in it for all the right reasons
[30:40] Dustin asks Dave: How does one switch to an open mindset?
[31:50] Appreciate people’s time
[32:00] Always go in knowing you have something to offer
[33:00] Never expect something for FREE and value what people do
[34:00] Thinking of others shows you care and builds even stronger friendships
[35:00] Dave dishes on Paying it forward
[36:00] Dave shares how, He Shoots, He Draws has elevated his design
[37:00] Never be afraid to ask and don’t take rejections personally
[38:00] Allowing others time to speak about themselves is important
[39:40] Aaron Draplin, Dave’s brother from another mother
[40:40] Dave shares how he met Aaron Draplin
[42:00] Dave approaches Adobe to pull Draplin to the UK for Adobe Max
[44:00] When friendships bring new work
[45:30] Real and fanboy relationships
[46:00] Never lose the thrill of meeting new people
[47:00] The thrill of developing amazing friendships
[48:20] Dustin and Dave geek out over design books
[50:00] Friendship shouldn’t be playing the long game
[51:00] Your behaviour on social media is so important. Play nice
[52:00] Retweet products, work and the projects of others
[53:00] Work hard and be nice
[54:00] Dustin shares a pattern he has seen in Tom and Dave’s success
[55:20] Sharing advice
[57:00] Dave shares how and where you can catch up with him
[59:00] That’s a wrap!

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