We are so excited to launch our brand new weekly podcast, The Honest Designers Show!

This new podcast features our founder and CEO Tom Ross, alongside experienced designers Ian Barnard, Lisa Glanz and Dustin Lee. Each of your hosts have excelled in their own creative fields, and this new show is our way to give you a transparent look into life as a modern designer. Want to learn how to land your first client, develop a unique style in your work, or simply to realise that other folk are going through the same challenges that you’re facing? Then this is the show for you!

In episode 1 we look at developing your design style. Finding a unique style can be tricky, but there are lots of steps you can take to begin developing yours over time.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1.00] Copying others to find your style, and getting comfortable with yourself
[1.45] How to recognise when you’ve found your style
[2.25] The ‘switch’ moment when you finally discover your style
[3.00] Using other people’s work to find your own style
[3.40] Why copying is a natural part of the process
[4.20] Finding different sources of inspiration
[5.15] Being inspired by outside styles
[6.00] Using outside inspiration for marketing yourself
[6.30] Dustin’s shaving routine (and how it helps inspire him!)
[7.30] The power of mood-boards and other cliches
[8.30] Ian’s struggle to nail down a particular style
[9.45] Why you shouldn’t worry if your style flits all over the place
[10.20] How your style can often by subconscious
[11.15] The importance of practice
[12.05] Feeling comfortable in your skin
[13.25] Ian’s random feed (and why this doesn’t matter!)
[14.50] The home-runs in the early days
[15.15] Copying your best self
[16.00] Holding yourself accountable with a fan-base
[17.00] Why consistency matters
[17.50] How to avoid giving up too quickly
[18.30] Why feedback is great (even the bad feedback!)
[19.25] Why no feedback is the worst feedback
[20.25] The insecurities of being a designer
[21.20] Why you should aim to divide people with your work
[22.00] Finding your core fans through polarisation
[23.00] Taking note of what you’re drawn to
[23.50] Finding your style in other areas (music)
[24.40] Dustin’s friend’s amazing project
[25.55] Getting out of your head, and getting lost in the process
[27.30] Learning along the way
[28.10] Why Ian works on what interests him the most
[29.45] Exposing yourself to multiple influences
[30.50] Why a defined style can be an advantage
[31.30] Listen to your personality type to find your style
[32.20] Our various styles (and who is most distinctive)
[33.20] Why YOU can be your style (rather than just your work)
[34.00] Why you can attract clients with a narrow style
[36.00] Why other people’s style might not be right for you
[37.45] Some styles are more achievable via practice than others
[39.00] How to see different styles in imperfections
[40.00] Having fun and trying different things
[42.00] ‘Find your fun’
[43.00] ‘Do what’s weird about you’
[43.50] How to stand out in a busy industry
[44.30] Branching off from your best ideas
[45.10] Tom’s teacher ripping up his artwork at school!
[46.25] How Lisa judges a successful project
[47.40] Dustin NOT going to the bathroom on the call
[48.45] Lisa’s weird world
[50.00] The importance of giving yourself some slack
[50.50] Tom’s tip for feeling better about your journey
[52.00] Why people remember your failures (and why this is ok)

“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD