In this week’s episode we take another listener question, this time from Meg who’s asking whether she should follow her true passion or stick with what she knows. This is a great discussion that hopefully every designer at home can learn something from.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] We’re very excited this week, not only because Lisa is back but because we’ve just launched the podcast in video format
[2:00] We have another listener question from Meg Sayers, who is a huge fan of the show and has started her own creative journey
[3:00] Meg’s question
[3:30] Meg has started her own daily illustration challenge and she is now on day 40
[4:00] Meg wonders if she should spend more time on paid work rather than doing the illustration challenge
[5:00] Please check Meg’s work over on Instagram @meg_ladoodle
[5:30] Megs illustrations are very good and we can see how she’s improved since she started the challenge
[6:30] The daily challenge works
[7:00] The question is: should Megan settle for something she doesn’t love just for money, or should she follow her true passion?
[7:30] Lisa believes Meg’s work is good enough for her to be hired for editorial illustrations
[8:00] Meg needs to believe in herself as she is very talented
[9 :00] Just because she is not yet making money from illustrations, doesn’t mean she can’t do it in the future
[9:40] Meg has a great sense of humor and there is a lot of potential in her work
[10:15] Meg should include her illustration work in her portfolio and offer this as a new service to her existing clients
[10:50] Ian started offering lettering work in addition to graphic design service
[12:00] Layer your new service on top and slowly build it
[12:30] The biggest motivator for Meg will be when she gets money from her illustration work
[13:00] Dustin started seeing improvement in his illustrations and he is afraid to stop the 365 days challenge
[13:45] Celebrate your wins
[14:00] The more he does the illustration work, the more he sees this leading to a path
[14:20] Tom suggests Dustin should offer his illustrations as a digital bonus pack
[14:45] Ian thinks Meg could create an amazing coffee book from her 365 illustrations
[15:00] Lisa used to be in the same position as Meg – she loved illustration and started by sneaking it in client’s projects
[16:40] The 365 days challenge helps you develop a style and brings awareness of your feed and build an audience
[17:40] Ian’s fans look forward to seeing his daily latte art
[18:10] People love the creativity of seeing something new every day and the process
[18:40] Seeing other’s humble beginnings on social media gives people hope
[19:15] Meg’s struggle of wanting to spend more time with her family rather than doing the illustrations
[20:00] Your creative muscle just needs exercising
[20:40] Ian found his creativity dips if he doesn’t post something every day
[21:40] Tom reiterates Meg’s love and passion for illustrations
[22:10] It’s great that Meg can do something she loves and share this with the world
[22:40] The host believe Meg should pursue the illustration challenge, even if this is just for her and for her family
[23:30] The hosts also struggled with finding what they loved and wished they could have started earlier
[24:45] The first thing people say to Ian is that they love watching his videos
[25:20] Dustin got excited seeing Ian draw in the snow with the first occasion this past winter
[26:20] People like to see familiar things
[27:30] Meg faces the same type of stress with her current work and doesn’t want to do this for ever
[28:00] Meg’s main design work has an expiration date on it
[28:30] Lisa’s been on the same journey as the one Meg’s about to embark on
[29:50] “When you start believing in yourself, doors will open in a miraculous way” – Lisa Glanz
[30:25] Meg’s initial Instagram handle was @crappyillustrations and Dustin thinks this way she gave herself permission to do whatever
[31:00] The host suggested she changes her handle as the illustrations were very good
[31:50] Lisa was scared when she first got into illustration but she knew she had to keep going no matter what
[32:50] The hosts think Meg’s illustrations would look really good in a magazine
[33:30] Ian suggests Meg puts illustrations at the forefront of her website
[35:00] Tom thinks Meg should put her best work into mockup templates, e.g.: an open magazine
[35:30] Dustin thinks the illustrations are the best part of her work
[36:15] The hosts joke about Meg trying to get a plugin on the podcast
[37:40] Meg should contact some illustrators and use word of mouth to promote herself
[38:00] The great use of complementary skills
[38:40] The benefits of surrounding yourself with like minded people that recongnise your talent
[39:15] Lisa remembers the feeling of being followed by a designer she liked and Dustin his first Dribbble invite
[41:00] Ask yourself: what if it was easy to get a job as an illustrator?
[42:00] Think of small and easy things you can do that make a big difference
[42:40] Steve Jobs’ example of shaping the universe around you
[43:15] You can choose the way the world around you is
[43:50] Quick fire tips
[43:55] Tom – do what you love!
[44:10] Lisa – the only thing that is stopping it’s yourself
[44:40] Dustin – think about what yourself in 10 years will give yourself
[45:00] Ian – continue the 365 day challenge
[45:30] He also challenged himself to give up chocolate for a year
[46:30] He is now experiencing the benefits of giving up chocolate
[47:00] There are huge benefits to doing one of these challenges
[47:40] This will help Meg break through the barrier she set for herself
[48:00] We encourage all of you to try a daily challenge
[48:20] Please check Meg’s illustrations on Instagram @meg_ladoodle and give her some encouragement
[48:40] Thanks so much for listening to this week’s episode

“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD