Today we look at if it’s ever too late to get into design. We tackle two listeners questions around this topic and give our best tips for how to break into the creative industry at any age. Without further ado, let’s get into the show.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[0:30] Today we look at if it’s ever too late to become a designer
[1:30] Tom challenges Ian to do the intro for this episode
[2:00] Dustin and Lisa also give the intro a try
[3:00] This topic is coming from a couple of listener questions
[3:25] The first question comes from Dustin’s follower Naomi Gee @patternedlove
[4:00] The second question is from Sam Cunningham from Nick Nack Crafts
[5:30] Naomi is 30 years old and the host believe that is possible for her to get into design
[6:00] Feeling like an impostor when entering the design scene with no experience
[6:20] Dustin lists the advantages and disadvantages of starting a design career later in life
[7:00] Entrepreneurs in their 30s and 40s have a higher chance of succeeding
[7:20] Samuel L. Jackson started his acting career at 46 years old
[8:30] Ian is almost 40 and looks at the many more years he still has working as a designer
[9:00] Lisa started her illustration career when she was 40
[9:40] Having been self-taught Lisa wondered if she was good enough
[10:20] The benefit of so many courses available on the Internet
[10:40] You can learn anything at any age
[11:00] Dustin worked in banking until he was 27
[11:30] He remembers Ian’s early lettering days and his progress over the years
[11:45] ‘It only takes a few years of dedicated work to become exceptional at a skill’ – Dustin Lee
[12:50] Being able to focus more on what you want when you’re a bit older
[13:30] Actively taking classes and learning more techniques
[14:00] The daily challenges giving you a push to practice and post something every day
[15:00] We all struggle with time so it’s important to decide what you’re dedicating your time to
[15:45] Ian choosing Calligraphy for Dummies over Downton Abbey
[16:30] He then studied how to do web design and got regular work designing websites
[17:40] The cost of Skillshare classes is not more than 3 cups of coffee
[18:20] Ian learned more from this classes than what he learned at college
[19:00] The different skill levels and applications of drawing
[19:50] Ian’s experience with trying to learn PHP coding language
[20:30] Knowing when it’s worthed to pursue a new skill and when you should give up
[21:30] He did not imagine where learning calligraphy could take him
[22:40] The different aspects of design and all the ways in which you can work as a designer
[23:20] The hosts debate Sam’s craft style and believe it’s a valid way of designing
[23:50] Not many people knowing about the digital scrapbooking community
[24:30] Tom explains how Jeremy from The Artifex Forge created ‘The Comprehensive Paper Craft Collection’ using actual paper craft
[25:20] The existence of the most random jobs
[26:00] Ian lists how many jobs and people are involved in making a flight possible
[28:00] Tom’s friend’s neighbour being the inventor of the airplane buckle seatbelt
[28:30] Tom’s aspirations of writing a book and doing public speaking
[29:20] Finding inspiration and getting permission by seeing someone else doing something
[31:20] Learning and accelerated focus learning when wanting to learn a skill later in life
[31:45] The benefit of being able to test a skill without the financial pressure of making a living out of it
[32:30] The importance of having years of work experience, no matter the field
[33:00] The different salary expectations based on age and experience
[33:40] Lisa thinks Naomi has a huge advantage over young people fresh out of college
[34:00] People will mostly hire you based on the quality of your work
[34:50] The need of being up to speed with the changes in design software technology
[35:30] Ian’s suggests trying out design in her spare time while still doing her day job
[36:00] He mentions getting a lot of client work from things he’s done for Instagram
[37:00] Giving yourself a year of learning a new skill and putting work out there
[37:50] This will show your commitment to learning a new skill
[38:50] Bonnie Christine’s example of teaching others pattern design
[39:40] What sets you apart from others is your determination and commitment to learning something
[40:20] If you want something you need to start today
[42:00] Dustin’s experiment of asking yourself what would you tell a friend wanting to start another job later in life
[42:50] Tom wanting to know who the oldest Honest Designer listener is and asking them to reach out
[43:50] Lisa’s example of how her mom started painting a few years back and already has an Etsy shop selling her goods
[44:40] She even thought herself to use design programs
[45:10] The multitude of retired Design Cuts community members
[46:00] The other hosts teasing Lisa and joking about her mum stealing her work
[47:20] Being more comfortable in your 30s with all your personal stuff
[48:00] 30s and 40s being the best years in your life
[49:00] Thanks so much for listening to this week’s episode

“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD