This week we discuss how to use social media as a designer. We dig into the specifics of what type of content engages the most, as well as the nuances of the main social media platforms that are available to you. Without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Social media for creatives
[2:00] Auto posting and social media
[4:00] Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. Oh My!
[5:00] Ian discusses balancing social media posts and work
[6:00] Dealing with pressure and expectations of a good Instagram post
[7:40] Social media and measuring your income returns
[8:00] Unknowns involved with social media
[10:00] Justifying your social media strategy as a money maker
[10:20] Passion stream and income stream
[11:00] Doing it for the joy now and reap the rewards later
[12:00] The long game and the here-and-now of income
[13:00] Quantifying social media
[14:00] Tom discusses time spent on social media
[16:00] Discovering what makes a great share
[17:00] Laughter, awe, joy and how-to posts
[18:00] Facebook analytics and engagement
[19:00] When your community doesn’t see your posts
[20:00] Posts that pull in viewers
[21:00] Small, simple, practical
[22:00] Beating yourself up over low engagement
[23:00] Adapting to each platform
[24:00] Ian shares how he finds ideas for social media
[25:00] Showcasing the best of you
[25:30] Getting shares
[27:00] Thinking like one of your visitors
[28:00] Being real
[29:00] People enjoy the human factor
[29:30] Sensational thumbnails pull viewers in
[30:00] Thinking differently sparks interest
[31:00] Mastering mash-ups.
[33:00] Crazy wacky ideas that get noticed
[35:00] Relatable and shareable
[36:00] Turn frustrations into wins
[38:00] Ian and Tom share fun ideas they’ve had
[40:30] Creating short videos
[42:00] Share something other than your work
[44:00] Give wings to old ideas

“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD