This week we discuss how to find contentment in your creative work. All too often, stress, worry and self-doubt cloud our basic enjoyment we should all be having – that we get to create for a living. We discuss how to find some of that joy again, have fun and find happiness in your creative process.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom opens up the show with one of his favourite Ferris Bueller quotes
[2:30] Lisa shares her secret to daily creative joy
[4:00] Daily frustrations can kill your creativity if you allow it
[4:30] Have a sense of humour and learn to laugh at what life throws at you
[5:20] Lisa’s vintage phone
[7:20] Ian walks us through how he navigates life
[8:30] Even with a family and loads of responsibility Ian still feels young at heart
[8:50] Ian shares how having kids give you an excuse to be silly
[9:00] Tom talks about how amazing and crucial Ian’s new studio space is
[10:40] Building your own happy workspace and why it’s so important
[12:04] Working on your space as you grow
[13:00] As Ian’s family has grown his workspace has changed
[14:30] Ian finds a studio in the most unexpected place
[15:30] The source of inspiration for Ian’s new studio space
[16:00] How creating a multipurpose creative space will help build your career
[17:00] Laying out your studio to fit all your design needs
[18:00] Helping others achieve their dreams fills Ian with joy
[18:40] Talking with other creatives helps boost your mood and creativity
[19:00] Lisa dishes on how community makes a world of difference
[20:00] Building friendships and community in real life are a must
[21:00] Searching and finding your own happiness
[21:30] Revisit why you decided to create for a living
[22:00] Get out of your daily grind and find what lights your fire
[22:30] Finding your passion is key
[23:30] How Ian noticed what he is passionate about
[24:30] Limited thinking limits your achievements
[25:00] Your mind is powerful – wield it
[26:00] Finding your passion is hard but only you can do it
[27:20] Everyone, including Ian, Lisa and Tom, are still chasing dreams
[28:00] Paying bills with your passion projects and ideas
[29:20] Finding time for work with family duties
[30:00] What it takes to make it
[31:30] Lisa has always played, experimented and had fun with her work
[32:20] You may have been working towards your dream longer than you think
[33:00] Attitude is everything when it comes to success
[34:00] Making changes to regain focus and contentment
[35:30] When you think you are trapped in your current situation
[36:30] Shifting your work routines to break out of the grind
[38:00] Battling self-sabotage with better organization
[39:00] Creating achievable deadlines and to-do lists
[40:00] Building work deadlines based on your attention span
[41:10] Discussing questions about Creative Block from Laura at @NiftyFoxCreative
[42:00] Get out of the day-to-day grind and get random, weird and wacky
[43:00] Recognizing ideas you shouldn’t over think
[44:40] Over thinking kills the magic
[45:40] Spontaneity will feed your creativity
[46:20] Exercising free flowing creativity
[47:18] Play is so important to your creative health
[48:00] The creative difference between kids and adults
[49:00] When you stop creating
[49:30] In all the variants of our industry there is a place you fit
[50:30] Creating to discover where you fit
[51:00] Focus on enjoying your own journey
[52:00] Stop comparing yourself to the world
[53:30] Compare less, consume less, create more and have more fun
[54:20] Stop watching and start doing
[55:00] Experiment your way into a new life chapter
[56:00] It’s a wrap and we hope you are fired up to get creating
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“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD