In this episode we discuss all things pricing! How do you decide upon your rate? How and when should you raise your prices? How do you position yourself as valuable for potential clients. Should you ever design for free or for exposure? There’s a ton covered in this episode, and you can listen in below:

Show Notes for This Episode:

[0.55] Tom’s various experiences with pricing (from both sides of the coin)
[1.20] Lisa’s struggles with pricing herself starting out, and how your pricing mindset changes over time
[2.50] Lisa’s rule of thumb for how to increase her prices
[3.30] Pricing yourself based on experience, not just your time
[4.20] Dustin feeling disparaged by pricing early on
[5.15] Why you can charge more because of positioning
[6.15] It’s OK not to be paid right now, what you think you should be eventually
[7.00] Designing for exposure, or for ‘free’
[7.30] When it is OK to design for free
[8.00] A good example of free work in action
[8.30] The fake promise of exposure
[10.00] Chase Jarvis’s lesson on pricing
[11.00] Ian increasing his pricing, and not hearing back!
[11.30] Dustin’s experience hiring a designer, and paying them fairly
[12.15] Tom’s tip for increasing prices over time via referrals and over-delivering
[13.00] Why confidence matters with pricing
[13.30] Why it’s tougher pricing yourself as a designer, as opposed to more traditional jobs
[14.00] Digging into the importance of confidence more (and looking at supply and demand)
[15.15] The power balance in pricing negotiations
[16.00] Why the quality of your clients matters
[17.00] An example of a common client type
[18.15] Start projecting what you want in the industry, and it slowly starts to happen
[18.50] Why you should be hearing ‘that’s too much’
[19.40] Understanding that not all clients look for the lowest price
[20.40] A great question to ask first-time clients
[21.15] Designing for designing for equity
[21.30] Designing for shaving cream!?!
[23.00] Why equity tends to be a no-go (but why you should go with your gut).
[24.30] Why markets and price-points exist (there is a demand for them!)
[25.00] Why larger clients can come with various issues too
[25.50] Dustin’s thoughts on designing for equity (and why Ian should go for it!)
[27.00] Why initially pricing yourself feels like plucking a number from thin air
[27.50] Going outside your pricing comfort zone
[28.30] Lisa’s experience of not hiring junior designers (who were too expensive for her)
[29.15] Why you should be humble and want to work hard
[30.00] You start to get a gauge for what pricing works for you
[30.45] Finding your pricing sweet spot (Tom’s examples of online products)
[32.00] The importance of finding your accurate hourly rate
[33.00] Don’t ignore the extra time
[34.00] Why you need to take into account sickness, and the reality of your life to find your true hourly rate
[35.50] The importance of doing the math to really understand how you’re valuing your time
[37.45] The importance of developing multiple income streams if possible
[39.00] Alleviating the pressure on yourself with pricing
[40.30] Being honest enough to ask your clients about the pricing
[41.45] Lisa’s bold job interview
[42.50] Quick fire tips on raising your prices

“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD