In the busy digital world it can be really tough standing out as a designer. Today we look at the most effective ways to get noticed, whether you’re looking to attract more clients, see more engagement on social media, or simply make a name for yourself in the industry. From purple cows, to vegetable calligraphy, there’s a lot of gems in this discussion for any creative!
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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1.00] The world is only getting more crowded, so how do you stand out?
[1.30] Why simply being reliable can help you to stand out
[2.30] Why standing out doesn’t need to be about the ‘sexy’ stuff
[3.30] The importance of not skipping the basics
[4.20] Lisa’s friend who was really talented, but made mistakes
[5.00] Ian’s favourite builder strikes again!
[6.00] Why consistency matters
[7.00] Dustin’s example of people putting you in ‘just one bucket’
[8.30] How niching down can be really effective to stand out
[9.00] Dustin couldn’t get any work when he first started
[9.50] Why your style can also be viewed as a memorable niche
[11.35] Showing your personality, becoming a real human person
[12.20] Why ‘Bill drinking coffee’ is better than how things used to be
[13.00] Why ‘awards’ often don’t help you to stand out
[14.00] Seth Godin’s Purple Cow theory
[15.30] Dustin’s view of how Ian stands out
[16.20] Use your weird, remarkable work to bring people into your web
[17.20] Dustin’s view of how Tom and Design Cuts stand out
[18.45] People can get intimidated about the pressure to be unique
[20.00] Standing out can pigeon hole you and limit you
[21.15] Ian drawing on objects got him great exposure
[22.00] Ian using magic in his work to make it stand out
[22.40] How mixing two mediums/skills can help you to stand out, by finding this overlap
[24.30] Being authentically yourself to stand out
[25.40] Dustin’s friend does incredible, unique work
[27.00] People buy into the ‘why’ of what you do
[28.20] Would Apple stand out as much without Steve Jobs’ history?
[29.00] Lisa doing lovely gestures for her clients, that fit with her personality
[30.15] The power of personal gestures
[31.00] Caring enough to be nice enough to stand out
[32.40] Why personal gestures are actually easier when your smaller
[33.20] Dustin’s ‘wow’ experience dealing with Zappos
[34.10] Why personal gestures can be so much fun
[35.00] Ian writing out his customer’s names after they buy something from him
[35.40] Reward your clients when they refer you
[36.50] Ian getting free donuts for a year from Krispy Kreme
[38.10] The power of word of mouth
[39.00] Experience can help you to stand out, but ensure you’re staying relevant and up to date
[40.45] Why your passion for what you do will help you to stand out
[41.50] You need to demonstrate a real fire for what you’re doing
[42.50] Ian’s tip for a firm handshake
[44.00] Why following the ‘hot new trend’ is not the best way to stand out
[45.30] There are tons of ways to stand out, but the important thing is to implement them

“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD