In this session, we were joined by one of our most outrageous (in a good way) friends, Scott Serkland, a self confessed 'Mad Creator'.

Scott has over 20 years' experience as a professional artist and entrepreneur and is the creative scientist behind Serkworks Art Labs, a company that specialises in the art of mad science. Serkworks was founded from the question, “If I was an evil genius, where would I go to find everything I need to carry out my nefarious plans?” With no one providing the answer, Scott decided to tackle the supply himself. Basically, if you have a love of robots, aliens, zombies, and other imminent threats to humanity, Serkworks probably has just the thing for you.

For this session, we honed in on one of Scott's many specialist skills: making comics. And what better place to start than the cover? Watch this session and we have no doubt you'll be whipped up into an alternative universe where imagination battles design guides for hero status.