In this session, we were joined by our very own Creative Director Matt Slightham, walking you through the process for creating best selling digital design products.

No one understands designers better than Matt, because he is one to his core. With a passion for brand building and illustration, having run a design agency, and now as a director of Design Cuts, Matt has helped countless designers develop incredible products that creatives really want.

During this session, he pulled back the curtain and helped us understand just what we need to do to bring a best selling product to market. He helped us navigate the minefield of questions & decisions that need to be made. This is one session that no matter what area of design you love, we think you'll find incredibly useful.

After Matt's initial session, there were a lot of unanswered questions (we simply ran out of time), so Matt kindly agreed to run a follow-up to provide answers and further insight into the process.

During this session, Matt delved into those questions posed by the community, giving you the best understanding of the complete process as he possibly can. If you haven't yet watched the initial session we urge you to do so before this one, and then this is the perfect accompaniment.