Whether it's a ground-breaking newspaper article from the past or a  love letter that you have found in your grandparents' attic - typewritten documents always have a strong allure to them that is still sought in the digital age.

The great news is there is an abundance of typewriter fonts, authentically created using actual typewriters, available for you to create everything from party invitations and posters to magazines and logo designs.

We have pulled together some of the best typewriter fonts for an old-timey effect that we think you will love using on your future designs!

1. Populaire Typewriter and Dramatico Script Font Pack

This is a pack that includes the Populaire Typewriter font and extras, and the Dramatico Script font - two fonts for the price of one!

Both fonts have a textured, authentic look, and are inspired by vintage documents and postcards, and will go together beautifully. In addition to the fonts, this set also includes vintage textures and stamps, which will look great in any designs that needs a retro look.

2. Merchant Ledger – Typewriter Family

There are few fonts that are more versatile than Typewriter fonts. From modern minimal branding, to dark and gritty posters, a typewriter font can effectively do it all. So, say hello to Merchant Ledger.

By capturing the subtle nuances and imperfections of the hammer keys, Merchant Ledger retains all the honesty of the real machine without sacrificing legibility and functionality.Works perfectly for branding projects, creating corporate or even wedding stationery, movie or game posters and graphics, through to more rustic logo design!

3. Populaire Typewriter Font & Extras

Populaire Typewriter font and extras is a retro design pack made of old typewriter fonts, paper textures and Photoshop stamp brushes, all sourced from real vintage materials. A real must have for designers of all levels!

Use this set in any designs that needs a vintage touch, in long or short texts, in digital collages, branding and packaging, social media posts, logotypes, etc.

4. Thesis Typewriter Font and Extras

Thesis typewriter is a typewriter font and extras collection that includes 3 different old typewriter fonts, paper textures, hand-painted shapes and vintage science graphics.

This collection includes all that you need for authentic vintage designs and digital collages, but will also look great in modern logo design, in branding and packaging. The fonts are perfect for short quotes (in social media posts, for instance) and longer texts (such as recipes and blog posts).

5. Secretary Typewriter Font and Texture Pack

This is a bundle of two products: a timeless typewriter font and a set of vintage textures and stamps. Plus a little bonus!

Secretary Typewriter is a typewriter font in a lighter, softer weight that makes it perfect for more delicate designs. Use it in long or short texts, in digital collages, branding and packaging, social media posts, logotypes, etc.

6. Old Brighton Typewriter – Font

We are so excited to introduce the Old Brighton Typewriter Font!

“Old Brighton Typewriter” is a simple font that was generated out of typed letters with an old and dusty typewriter I found at my parents home. You all know this vintage typewriters and their typical “tack” “tack” “tack”. This font will give you this feeling back to your computer even without the “tack”.

7. Fletcher Typewriter Font and Extra

Fletcher Typewriter font and extras includes an authentic vintage typewriter font, aged paper scans, stamps, writing from old postcards and stains and splatters to add an extra retro look to your designs.

Use it in long or short texts, in digital collages, branding and packaging, social media posts, logotypes and much much more. Take this old typewriter font for a spin and watch how it changes your designs!

8. Mystery Typewriter Font

Mystery typewriter is a realistic typewriter font with bonus misprints and seamless textures.

This typewriter font is perfect for adding an authentic feel to your retro and vintage designs. It will look great in logotypes and branding, packaging, editorial and website design in both titles and text, social media posts, posters and billboards, handmade postcards and tags. Maybe even write your very own mystery story!

9. Unexpected Typewriter Font

Unexpected Typewriter is a hand-drawn font based on an old Underwood typewriter! This font comes with 3 variations: Jumpy, Dirty and Faded Typewriter, ready to give your work that extra grungy, vintage look!

Take this pack for a spin and see it become one of your favourite fonts in your font arsenal!

10. Bygonest – Old Typewriter Font

Introducing Bygonest - a classic old timey font inspired by a realistic old typewriter! This old typewriter font comes with 2 styles (clean and rustic) and 3 weights (thin, regular and bold). The font is unique because it has a splash of rustic detail in the glyph characters. Bygonest can be used in a variety of designs such as the newspapers, magazines, quotes, logotype, posters, labels, packaging, branding, and more.

11. Secretary Typewriter Font

Secretary Typewriter is a typewriter font in a lighter, softer weight that makes it perfect for more delicate designs.

Secretary Typewriter is an american typewriter font sampled from a vintage typewriter for extra authenticity. Use it in long or short texts, in digital collages, branding and packaging, social media posts, logotypes, etc.

12. Notes And Quotes Font Duo

Notes And Quotes is a font duo that includes a bold typewriter font and a casual script font.

The contrast between the two fonts in Notes And Quotes makes it a striking pair, perfect for logotype design, modern branding and packaging, quotes and social media posts.

13. Typewriter Font & Ink Pad Textures

This is an old typewriter font and ink pad texture bundle, perfect to give your designs a retro look.

Inky Typewriter is a a grungy typewriter font sampled from a real vintage typewriter. You can now get it along with this ink stamp brush and texture pack, which includes brush stamps with different sizes. Perfect for adding a little grunge or a vintage look to your designs, in posters, postcards, packaging, branding, social media posts, etc.

14. 1913 Typewriter

This old typewriter font was patterned from the characters of a genuine old 1913 small portable typewriter. It looks like those early typescripts, rough, irregular and eroded, suggestive of mythical famous authors, such as Hemingway.

It is a complete alphabetic full font. It can be used as web-site titles, poster design, or book editing. Take this amazing typewriter font for a spin and be transported back in time!

15. Amateur Typewriter Monospaced Font

Amateur Typewriter is a monospaced typewriter font, sampled from a real vintage typewriter, that is so much fun to use. Each letter and number includes 3 versions that are slightly different from each other and appear “randomly” through the contextual alternates. This gives this typewriter font an extra dose of realism.

Use Amateur Typewriter in: logotype design, postcards and tags, editorial and website designs, digital collages, and many other projects that need a retro look.

16. Handy Typewriter Font

Handy Typewriter is a handwritten typewriter font in 4 handmade weights, with lots of extras. Handy Typewriter has a more casual look than classic typewriter fonts, but can still be used in any designs that need a vintage touch.

This font is very legible at a wide range of sizes and looks great in both long or short texts, in digital collages, branding and packaging, social media posts, logotypes, etc.

17. Abegnale – Vintage Typewriter Fonts

Inspired by the old era of handmade letterpress machines, this old typewriter font gives you an authentic manual made feel and the press effect on some letters that are produced.

Perfectly fit for your vintage design, logo, branding, packaging label, poem writings, quote, posters, and many more.

18. Farmland – Rustic Typewriter Font

Farmland is a rustic typewriter style font that provides an authentic feel to all of your future designs. Farmland will definetly become one of your go to fonts in no time!

This font is perfect for all of your farmhouse designs, cricut projects, svg files, branding, logos and so much more - the possibilities are endless.

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