Have you ever struggled to draw realistic hands? You're not alone! In this session, Claudia tapped into her expertise to teach us how to tackle the age-old design challenge.

Claudia, the creative behind Riveros Illustration, is an incredibly talented illustrator and graphic designer who puts together some of our most popular Procreate brushes. Her website is populated with helpful illustration tutorials, making her one of our go-to people for anything Procreate-related. This session was no different as she taught us all about realistic hand drawing!

Find a Reference Photo

In the video, Claudia uses a picture of her own hand as a reference photo.

Draw a Palm

Open a canvas and draw a softbox using a Gesture Pencil and create a line in the middle of the softbox. Notice that the palm of your hand exceeds the size of the middle of your hand.

Duplicate the line and move it up to create a middle finger.

Draw a Basic Hand Structure

Make three lines just to mark the tendons and where the fingers will be drawn. The thumb will be drawn on the left side as the reference photo is of the left hand.

Take half of the measurement of the palm and move it to the side a little bit outside of the first box and make a point. Join the dots as shown in the image below.

Create a new layer. Draw lines just to mark where the fingers will eventually be drawn.

Draw Knuckles

Make small shapes that will become knuckles later on and create different sizes for the fingers.

In the middle finger, create a line divided into three sections and move it to the top. You can see that your fingers have three sections. The first section of the middle finger reaches about the middle point of the line. A little bit smaller than half. Every one of these sections is going to be one-third smaller than the section before. Draw a line, divide it into three sections and move it up. Draw circles.

Make a line between the index and ring finger. Create a small arch to have a visual of how hands should look like. Similarly, create arcs from the points of three sections of the middle finger. Draw circles on the index and ring finger as well.

The pinky reaches the second section of the ring finger. Draw the three circles on the pinky.

Create a Thumb

Determine the height of the thumb based on the height of the first section of the index finger. Draw a circle to mark the position. Between the lower and upper circle draw another circle thus marking the three sections on the thumb.

Form the Wrist of Hand

Form a circle beneath the palm and the thickness around the circle.

Select Main Pencil from the Procreate Brush Library. Create finer lines for the entire hand. Use your own hand as a reference photo while drawing the finer lines. The lines of our hands are not straight, they are a little curved. The sections of the fingers are not like boxes, rather small cushions.

Close the layers and now you can see the entire outline of the hand.

Draw Fingernails

Start creating nails by first drawing the bed of the nail and forming the upper shape of the nail. Add lines and shadows with super delicacy on the hand to create a realistic structure.

Fill the Hand

You can fill up the hand. Some people like to ink it. Some people like to add graphs to it. You can add light shadows. You can also use Pencil Fill or Ink it to shade the hand.

Congratulations! You have drawn a realistic hand in Procreate and also learned some amazing tips.