The Creative Journey is a unique insight into how to build a creative business from scratch. Follow along as Jo Fallon shows the Design Cuts community the ups and downs of starting her business The Cotswold Chalkboard.

In this episode of the Creative Journey, Jo comes back to work and she is trying to find her flow after a nice and long break :)

Jo starts the episode by giving us the highlights from the Creativity Rocks live drawing event she attended which, by the sounds of it, turned our really great and Jo had the chance to meet a lot of people. Jo really enjoyed the experience of this event as she got to create one of her first large drawings using dry chalks instead of the chalk pens she usually uses. After the event, she had a great idea to enter all the people that provided her with an email address into a prize draw and reward the winner with a custom chalkboard.

Later in the week she heads back to the Upper Lock cafe to continue working on their menu board and we can see it’s shaping up great already.

Finally, the lucky winner of the email prize draw is revealed and Jo shows us how the custom chalkboard for When In Rome Wines is coming along. We think it looks great and the winner will be very pleased.

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