The Creative Journey is a unique insight into how to build a creative business from scratch. Follow along as Jo Fallon shows the Design Cuts community the ups and downs of starting her business The Cotswold Chalkboard.

In episode 13 of Creative Journey Jo tells us that this is the first week in which the main focus will be the digital product she will be creating with Design Cuts. While for the next couple of months she will be working mostly on this, she is taking into consideration other side projects, building relationships and planning work for when the Design Cuts project is completed.

Not only is Jo working with DC on the digital product, but we’ve also had the pleasure of having Jo as a guest on the Honest Designers podcast this week, where she chatted to our four hosts: Tom, Ian, Dustin and Lisa about what it takes to start a creative business and how she found her journey so far.

As always, Jo is showing us some amazing chalk board design and we get to have a look at how an existing chalk board gets painted over (a really sad moment for Jo) just to make room for another great design. Jo tells us that once a board is completed, she takes a picture of it and transforms this into multiple digital posters to give the client more value from the work – we think that is an amazing idea Jo :)

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