The Creative Journey is a unique insight into how to build a creative business from scratch. Follow along as Jo Fallon shows the Design Cuts community the ups and downs of starting her business The Cotswold Chalkboard.

Jo is starting this week’s episode by running us through her to-do list for the day, and from what we hear, she has a really busy day ahead.

After finishing the vlog and sending it to us last week, Jo has been catching up with some work for the Fish and Chips Shop in Cirencester. She needed to make a few changes to the existing boards, as well as getting their Christmas flyers sorted.

Later in the day, Jo is getting back to a bit of chalkboard drawing for a Christmas themed pack, which luckily you’ll be able to grab in our current bundle ? While doing the new designs, Jo realised that the editing work in Photoshop was much easier when she did the designs on newly painted black boards as she could see the white text better.

Towards the end of the week Jo is preparing to paint the board for the Chip shop mural and she pre-ordered the paints and materials. This will help Jo be more focused in terms of designs, as she has limited her choices in terms of colours she can use.

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