This week we take our first listener question from Connor, who is struggling with some issues involving feeling a lack of confidence and general anxiety in his work. We discuss some ways for him to find more enjoyment in what he’s doing, and relieve some of the pressure that he’s currently feeling about his creative work.


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Meet Your Hosts

The Honest Designers Show started when our founder Tom found he was regularly chatting and sharing tips with top designers; Ian Barnard, Lisa Glanz and Dustin Lee. We soon organised a weekly call where we would help each other with areas we were struggling with and try to give each other actionable feedback. Soon we realised that the collective experience of the group was proving so valuable for each of us, that we thought ‘why not share these conversations with the world?’.

And so, The Honest Designers Show was born! This podcast is an insight into how to succeed in the creative industry, as well as giving you a totally transparent, under the hood look at some of the tougher, less glamorous hurdles to overcome! We also tend to get a little goofy along the way, so this is a chance to get to know each of us a little better :). We’ve loved recording this show for you, and we hope that you find value and enjoyment in listening to it.


Please find full show notes for this episode below:

[1.00] We’re taking our first listener question from Connor
[1.30] Connor’s question
[5.00] Connor seems to have found his true passion
[5.25] The issue seems to lie in a lack of confidence in Connor’s work, and anxiety surrounding this
[6.00] Simply improving your skills won’t suddenly make your anxiety go away. The issue is deeper than that.
[7.00] Self doubt will likely always happen, but will be relative to your situation. It happens even when you’ve ‘made it’
[8.00] Theses stages are always formative, they’re part of your journey
[9.30] When you’ve ‘made it’ this definitely doesn’t bring happiness
[10.45] The process should be what makes you happy, not the unattainable end goal
[11.30] This focus should be on trying to enjoy your day-to-day and creating art
[12.00] Don’t focus on creating ‘the best’ piece you’ve ever done, or comparing yourself to others
[13.30] Lisa finds true enjoyment in producing her art, and the accolades are a sign effect of this
[15.00] Tom’s example of musicians truly enjoying their artistry (or those who are hung up on the negatives)
[17.30] A girl who captured her mental health issues in an art series that went viral on Facebook
[19.30] Embrace your anxiety, this is part of you. Express it in your art.
[21.05] Dustin’s asks – why do some people excel so much better than others. Lisa says it’s the intention behind it.
[23.00] Active learning leads to genuine improvement in your skills, vs just ‘ticking along’
[24.00] Ian advocates constant momentum and trying lots of things to see what you’re good at
[27.30] Are Connor’s anxiety and lack of confidence normal for designers?
[29.30] These podcast chats have helped all of the hosts with their own anxiety about their work
[31.00] Is anxiety the real issue, or are there are barriers being thrown up?
[34.45] Just doing what you like to work on.
[35.40] Be like a salmon – jump between various channels until you find yourself in the right one
[38.15] Ian used to just spend days playing and experimenting
[39.00] Ian visited a model railway with his son – and this was a great example of people just loving what they do, without any anxiety or fear of others being better than them
[40.15] True happiness and confidence in your work (and life) comes from being secure in yourself
[42.00] Lisa talks about how anxiety reduces as you find your style
[43.20] People under-estimate how many other things in life have to get turned off in order to be the best in your craft.
[45.10] Don’t feel guilty about the areas of design or art that you don’t enjoy.
[46.30] Connor is in a great phase of being able to try new things, pivot, and not be tied down with responsibility
[48.00] It’s totally ok to admit you’re not interested in some things, it will focus you on what you love
[50.00] Quick fire closing tips

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