This week we look at the positive aspects of being a designer. We all absolutely love what we do and it’s sometimes important to stop and think about how awesome it is that we all get to create and design for a living. It can be easy to get swept up into some of the negatives of dealing with clients and other headaches, but really there is a lot to be grateful for.

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Meet Your Hosts

The Honest Designers Show started when our founder Tom found he was regularly chatting and sharing tips with top designers; Ian Barnard, Lisa Glanz and Dustin Lee. We soon organised a weekly call where we would help each other with areas we were struggling with and try to give each other actionable feedback. Soon we realised that the collective experience of the group was proving so valuable for each of us, that we thought ‘why not share these conversations with the world?’.

And so, The Honest Designers Show was born! This podcast is an insight into how to succeed in the creative industry, as well as giving you a totally transparent, under the hood look at some of the tougher, less glamorous hurdles to overcome! We also tend to get a little goofy along the way, so this is a chance to get to know each of us a little better :). We’ve loved recording this show for you, and we hope that you find value and enjoyment in listening to it.


Please find full show notes for this episode below:

[1:00] This week we’re talking about the positive aspects of being a designer
[2:00] Dustin’s biggest positive is working from home and being able to take care of his little girls and spending quality moments with them
[2:40] The benefits of freelancing in general
[3:25] Tom gives Jacob Cass from Just Creative as an example of a designer that gets to travel with his wife while they both freelance in their respective ways
[4:30] The freedom of being a freelance designer
[5:10] Not all jobs give you the chance of being a freelancer
[6:00] Freedom of time
[6:40] Positives of being a designer in general, not just freelance
[7:30] Every day is different and every project is different
[8:20] The opportunity of improving your skills and shaping your career in your own time
[9:20] Seeing the end result of your work and getting the satisfaction of creating something
[10:20] Being embarrassed of your old work is fine – it shows you’re growing and developing
[11:15] Getting paid to doodle and making things look prettier
[12:20] Monetizing a hobby
[13:20] Other people can’t make sense of how you’re making a living
[14:30] Dustin gets paid to talk about numbers and inspire other designers
[16:00] Lisa says designers are like little elves that work behind the scenes
[17:30] Geeking about technology and being able use all the new features on the market
[19:10] Getting gadgets that pay for themselves from the design work your creating with them
[19:40] Tom lists designer as one of the top four jobs that is great to be skilled in
[21:20] Being able to create your own marketing materials and making your business look good
[22:30] Design skills can be applied to other parts of your life
[22:50] Ian reveals he is qualified as an electrician
[25:00] Being a designer is low pressure and low risk
[25:40] Inspiring creativity into your client’s business and giving their business meaning
[27:00] The hidden value of packaging design
[28:00] Biggest positive of loving what you do
[29:00] Most people don’t understand how designers can get so excited about their job
[29:50] Not dreading Mondays and the amount of work it brings
[31:20] Excuse to buy a lot of design books and stationery
[32:30] Having a quirky job and being different to others
[35:00] Designers get the privilege of blurring the lines between work and fun
[36:10] There are no limits to your income

The Honest Designers Show Podcast

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