To kick off the first session of our Procreate event, we welcomed Abbie Nurse from Uproot Brushes! Abbie is an illustrator, designer, and letterer, who also happens to make stunning, top of the line Procreate brushes for designers everywhere. Although she's based in Australia, she kindly offered to join us to guide us through all there is to know about creating geometric designs in Procreate.

The 'freebies' mentioned in this video are no longer available - but all the brushes can be found in the Risograph For Procreate Pack.

Products featured in this session

Understand Risograph

Risograph is a printing process, which is the combination of screen printing and a photostat machine. It prints a single color at a time. It layers up the colors and builds them up using a limited number of colors. The layering not only accounts for lightness and darkness but also saturation. See the color wheel image below for reference. The pink color goes on the pink, the blue on the blue color, and so on.

If you rotate it, then you can obtain different colors. For example, the acid green color and turquoise color form a bright green color. The turquoise color and purple color form a royal blue color. So, if you make a design, take into account how those layers are going to lie over the top of each other.

Repeat Wave Form Technique

Use the Symmetry Tool and turn on the Drawing Guide. Edit the 2D grid and make it symmetrical on a vertical canvas. Make sure that the word inserted is showing on the layer that you're going to be drawing on. Use Crispy Crown from the Risograph Pack and draw a wave. To join that, edit the shape and make it land on top of each other.

Move this on a side and duplicate it. Continue the wave in that direction on Multiply. The reason it is on Multiply is to see where they align on top of each other. Leave the snapping off and keep magnetics on to create that blue line for dragging the shape. Merge them where they intersect.

Make it tinier in shape and move it to the left. Make another one by duplicating and dragging it across, merging the intersecting points.

Make it tinier again and repeat the same process. If the intersection cuts off, put it on top of the whole wave and continue the pattern.

Pro tip: It makes a darker color wherever Multiplied, so use the Alpha Lock, choose the turquoise color and fill layer. Avoid using the drag and drop option with Alpha Lock because it often doesn't go all the way to the crispy edges of a textured line. Instead, use the fill layer and cover every pixel.

Duplicate the whole wave and move it down. Duplicate again and move this one down a little bit too. Merge the two together and fill in the gaps.

This will form an optical illusion ribbon. 

Make a Shape

Use the original line to make a wide wiggly shape. Merge down and use Alpha Lock. Fill the gap in between the color. Select automatic and select outside the shape. Then invert so that everything between those lines is covered and fill it up. Similarly, choose another color for the next one.

Select outside the shape, invert and fill the layer. Similarly, do this on the other side. Choose the color picker and select a yellow and pink color respectively.

Create an Offset

Create an offset with color by shifting the color down. Duplicate it and drag it up to fill the color. Change the blend mode of the top one to normal and it will automatically take on the blend mode of the bottom one once you've merged it.

Add another wave and color it in green. Flip it over to the left side.

Turn it into Risograph

Use the layers created as the stencils for the Risograph Colors. Group the color together. Select each lap and fill it in with a texture. Choose a yellow and pink pattern. Vary the pressure to give those areas where it looks less inky, a bit dense. Give it an organic vibe by making it darker and lighter in different areas.

Similarly, select the turquoise color and add the pattern.

Congratulations, you have successfully made beautiful waves in Procreate.

Here’s another example:

Draw Circles

Select Drawing Assist if you want to be assisted. Choose a brush and draw a circle. To make a circle instantly, hold and then touch your finger down. To edit it, take the pencil and then your finger off.

Draw two circles with Rotational Symmetry. This means that whatever you draw, one side is going to be rotated on the other side.

Join the two circles together. See the reference image below for details.

Draw the Pattern 

Draw another line coming from the side as parallel to the one before. Make the shape smaller and repeat the process. Duplicate it and drag it.

Duplicate and repeat the same process again. Make sure the edges are split to make it look symmetrical.

Apply Alpha Lock and then fill. Instead of dragging it in an angle direction, repeat and drag them down.

Pro tip: You can use merge instead of duplicating again and again. So when you duplicate, you only have to do it once.

Add Color

Select outside invert, and fill it with pink color. Fill the vertical with yellow color.

Add a purple color to fill the gaps.

Make a Pill Shape

On a blank canvas, use Drawing Assist and use the same symmetry. Draw a pill shape by drawing two circles and the two lines. Make sure the shapes are in sync and in line with each other.

To fill it, select outside and invert. Fill color and add them to the previous layer. Make a copy and move it to the left side.

Select and delete the brown color to get the purple color on the pill shape.

Similarly, add another pill shape on the top and the right side. Repeat the process and clear the color to fill it in.

Draw a dot by drawing a reference. Hold it, finger down, lift a pencil, finger up, then edit the shape. To make the circle bigger and smaller, touch the pencil to the rim of the circle. Select outside inverse and tap magnetics.

Move the shapes slightly to give them an edge, creating a bevel. Finally, turn it into a Risograph.

Here’s another Example:

Draw Spiral Graphs

To use Rotational Symmetry, select the Radial Symmetry to draw spirals on a blank canvas. Draw a circle. Put the finger down, pencil off, and tap edit. Set it at 45 degrees. Duplicate it and then hit the arrow. Pick your angle by pressing the little green knob at the top. Then set it at 15 degrees.

To make it exactly three and make it perfectly symmetrical, do another one. Rotate by 15 degrees.

Do another one by rotating it at 7.5 degrees. Alpha Lock this.

Here’s Another Example:

Draw a curve with the same settings on a blank canvas.

To draw a 9 times effect, have 5 repeats at 45 degrees every time. Duplicate the layer and choose 9 degrees to rotate.

Duplicate the repeat process 5 times until the desired graph is formed. See the image below for reference.

Make a Design

Move the piece halfway to the canvas, towards the left.

Add Color

Choose a peach color for the background. Use the Grungy Brush Stroke for the composition and with a gray color, stroke on the upper right corner.

Add a circle and fill it with a yellow color. Add an orange color circle right at the center and press duplicate. Clear the smear behind the gray color. Select all and group them together. Click on the peach background and add Riso. Select the Dark Paint Brush Stroke and add a halftime texture to them.

Create Riso by grabbing a Riso Brush and add white streaks down.

Congratulations, you have successfully created another geometric design in Procreate.

Products featured in this session