Hi Design Cutters, Joanna here with a new tutorial where we’ll be creating a label for a luxury skincare bottle in Photoshop. We’ll be using some freebies from The Spectacular Type Lover’s Selection, which is a superb selection of top quality fonts, allowing you to stand out from your competitors, and versatile enough for all your projects.

We’ll be using Serif 420 by Hanken Design Co. for the text, and some extras from LaPaloma by Callie Hegstrom. Combining these with some free stock photos from Unsplash, we’ll be applying our final design to a realistic mockup for a super-stylish way to present the end result.

Ok then – let’s open up Photoshop and get started!


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Here’s a look at what we’ll be creating:

Luxury Skincare Label

Follow along with this tutorial: Download the freebie files

This freebie pack is just a small sample of what you can expect to find in The Spectacular Type Lover’s Selection for just $29! As with all our bundles, these fonts come with our extended license and at a staggering 99% off, for a limited time only!

Luxury Skincare Label

Step 1: Luxury, Natural Skincare Packaging

From the Photoshop main menu, go to ‘File > Open…’ and navigate to the freebies folder for this tutorial, and open the ‘Mockup.psd’ file.

Luxury Skincare Label

Once the file is open, we’ll save a new version for our working document, with a different name, so as not to overwrite the original. Go to ‘File > Save As…’ and in the window that opens, rename the file ‘Luxury Skincare Label Design’ and save to a folder which works best for you.

Luxury Skincare Label

Now the file is all set up, we’re going to be working straight from the mockup to create our label design. Keep all the mockup windows open, as we’ll need to come back to them at the end of the tutorial!

*Please note this is a mockup that’s been created specifically for this tutorial, using resources from Mockup Zone and Unsplash.

Luxury Skincare Label

Step 2: Going in to the Mockup

In the Layers panel, open up the ‘dull transparent bottle’ folder by clicking on the dropdown arrow to the left. Double click on the thumbnail, on the layer that says ‘<< double click to edit'. [open-beige-image] Luxury Skincare Label