In this Design Cuts Live session, we'll be joined by the incredibly talented Tamer Ghoneim. Tamer is an artist, instructor, entrepreneur and a Design Cuts friend, and we're super excited to immerse ourselves in his unique style for this live session.

Regardless of whether you're a fan of DC Comics and the Batman stories, this session is no Joke(r) as Tamer demonstrates the fundamental steps involved in creating an abstract calligram in Procreate. You'll be shown the tools required, the basic setup, and given a brief foundation on Tamer's style of abstract calligraphy and how it can be applied to creating calligrams. We cannot wait for this session, it's got all the markings of a hero.

To follow along, make sure to check out the freebies Tamer has offered for this session. You can also download his treasure trove of freebies, which includes amazing tools, resources, and deals!