An individual always guaranteed to put a smile on your face and teach you something unexpected is the exceptionally talented and cheerful Claudia Riveros. We were chuffed to bits that she joined us for this session and showed us how to create a beautiful butterfly. Get ready to fly in Procreate!

Make sure to follow along with these freebies!

Set the Canvas

Create a new canvas and bring out the color palettes. Use the Gesture Pencil and draw a line for the center of the butterfly. Using Drawing Guides and the Symmetry Tool to draw on one side and mirror it on the other side.

Draw the Basic Butterfly Body

Make a new layer. Since the Assisting Tool is already set up, click on the layer and underneath the Clipping Mask, where it says Drawing Assist. This way it’ll draw on the other side. Start by drawing the basic shape of the body of the butterfly by making a small circle.

Once the circle is drawn, use the measurement and repeat it five times underneath. On the first two sections, draw an oval shape for the thorax of the butterfly. On the other three layers, draw smaller shapes. Join both ovals with a curvy line for the base of the body of the butterfly. Then draw a small circle for the head. Draw the eyes from the side with just two small ovals and two tiny mountains that touch the first circle.

On the outer side, in between the eyes, draw a line for the antenna. This will form the basic main shape of the butterfly.

Make a new layer and turn on Drawing Assist. Change the brush to the pencil of a smaller size and redraw the structure. Choose the Soft Inker Brush for the thorax and make it fluffy. Add hair and draw the abdomen area.

Divide the abdomen into three sections and add shadows to give the body more depth.

Draw the Wings

Start with the wing shape and turn on the Assisted Drawing to retrace it on the other side. Turn on Geometry. The first thing to figure out is where the wings go, on the thorax and the hairy part. So divide the first section in half. Take the measurement of the body, but not the antenna. Duplicate the line and move it diagonally. Join the two lines and create a circular shape.

Continue the curve line and touch the point where the butterfly wings go underneath. This will form the wing shape. To finish up the basic wing shape, add a curvy, sharp thin line at the end. So this will be the main shape of the top wing of the butterfly.

With three fingers, swipe down and copy again. Then paste. Draw the bottom wing and flip it. Then join the two lines again with a curvy line and continue the curve line to the end. Now here, you don't have to finish this line because from this perspective, the bottom line is underneath the top link. Finish up the shape underneath. Turn off the first sketch to turn off the placement of the wing.

On a new layer, turn on Drawing Assist again and trace the shape over the wings.

Erase the parts that go underneath the wings.

Draw Veins on the Wings

Choose a different color brush and start by dividing the top wing into five pieces. From the points, draw a line and hold the shape to snap. Divide the top section into four sides and draw curvy lines.

In the next section, draw wiggly lines. Follow the first shape and work on the inner cell of the wing. Measure the points and then draw.

Use the eraser and just slightly erase the pencil in between the dots. Finish it by adding folds into the ends of the wing.

For the bottom wing, divide it into seven sections. Draw lines towards the inside. Follow the curve line and get to the top, towards the south center. Measure this and mark it. Go inward on the top and underneath the first mark.

Add folds in the wings. Make a new layer and turn on Drawing Assist to draw on the other wing. Trace it over and draw a Monarch Butterfly. Add the markings of the veins.

Make a new layer and change the color of the brush. Change the color of the wing shape of the Monarch butterfly and add lines at the ends.

Pro tip: Use the Nifty Brushes for a sharp and detailed output.

Add Markings

Start with the top wing and make a line outside of the inner cell. Make little cookies on the wing. Finish by adding one extra line. Make four white parts of the wing. Make the next underneath the wing.

Add white pops for the markings of a Monarch Butterfly. Make the veining darker. Darken the veins that are outside of the shape. Work on the one underneath, by making similar cookie-like shapes.

Add small dots in each of the sections of the wing and then add color on the inside.

Add Shading

Darken the veinings of the bottom wing and make the layer dark. Turn on the Drawing Assist to color. Use a pencil to fill in the details.

Add pressure towards the curve and shade the area by darkening the wing. Use pressure curves or gesture controls for assistance.

Similarly, shade and color the lower wing of the butterfly using the same color and pencil. Darken the areas towards the edges and wing insides.

Add White Sections

Make a soft transition and change the color of the background to add white sections. Use an orange color background. Zoom out and leave the top cookie-like sections white. See the image below for reference.

Once done, return the background to white and make another layer. Place it underneath the white and turn on Drawing Assist. Use a lighter version of the dark color and make the brush bigger. Add extra shadow.

Add Color to the Butterfly

Start with a red color and stay on the same layer. Using the same brush, use the darker red color around the edges of the veins. Add this to the top and lower side. Shade all the veins in the deep red color and draw straight lines. Add a transition underneath by picking a lighter color.

Color and fill in between the lines by adding a transition orange color.

Keep adding more colors and transitions on the butterfly. Add a lighter color in between the lines for depth and shading.

Blend the layer and add a soft layer. Use the Drawing Assist and add shadow inside the wing.

Use the Texture Brushes and add a moist texture with a darker color. Adding a little bit of texture makes things close up. Add a yellow color on the inside for little sparkle. Add texture with the orange color using half context.

Add extra shadows on the lines and veins on the inside by darkening them. Turn on Drawing Assist, switch to the main pencil. Add small marks on the head and body.

Add small hair and darken the color of the body and head. Finally, add orange color to highlight the body by painting on the body veins and lines. Color the body in orange.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully drawn a beautiful butterfly in Procreate.