This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Jimbo Bernaus, one of the two creative minds who makes up the legendary design studio ShoutBAM. It's no secret that Jimbo's lettering process is mesmerizing, so we could not have been more excited to spend the hour having him teach us us how to master lettering compositions in Procreate. Make sure to follow along with these freebies.

Make the Rough Sketch

Write down the words, ‘I wanna lay you down on a bed of roses’ as a rough sketch. Pay attention to, ‘lay you down’ and ‘bed of roses’. These are the important words whereas others are helping words. So make sure that the size of those letters or those words is bigger.

Make lines and then add the words between them, forming a pattern. Make sure to position the words in the center and fit the words. While leaving gaps, make sure to add flourishes and shapes later in-between them. Add boxes and then write all the words step-by-step.

Once the sketch is ready, move around the words for better placement. 

Pro tip: To set up a center, use a drawing guide and pick the vertical or horizontal. This will form a line in the middle. You can also draw a line in the middle of the canvas to form the same.

Use the Slayout Lettering Masterclass to create lines forming specific angles and circles around the words. Pick any brush and snap the shape.

Add Stamps

There are two ways you could use the stamps. The first is when you do your own composition and then clean the letters and add stamps that fit best. The second is to prepare a stamp guide and then go through the final piece.

Bring the opacity down from the main lettering, create a new layer and then click on Debi’s stamps. Click on the banners and stamp one that best fits, ‘I wanna’ on the composition. Add it in the center and fit the words appropriately.

Frames serve as a container for the whole piece. Add a partial frame from the frames stamps and pick number 24 for this particular composition. Add a new layer and then add the frame right below the word ‘roses’. Turn the composition upside down to fit the stamp and resize it accordingly.

Add another partial frame on a new layer. Choose number 15 and add it right above ‘i wanna’.

Select a pencil and draw lines or random shapes in negative spaces to understand how space would look. For this, you could also use Procreate’s Drawing Guide and set it to symmetry.

Click on the botanicals on stamps and select the flowers. Choose the botanical 12 stamp and create a new layer. Stamp it on the left side. Choose botanical 13 stamp and create a new layer. Then stamp that above the previous stamp towards the left. Similarly, fill the negative spaces and gaps with the botanical stamps.

Pro tip: Balance the thin and thick stamps. 

Add smaller stamps such as leaves and tiny flowers to fill the space. Keep building up the composition in the similar manner. This will form the main structure on the composition.

Add Lines

Add lines in-between the words by using Ian Bernard’s Grid Builder or using the Slayout Lettering Masterclass. Add these lines in-between the shapes and then fit the words on these lines.

Paint the Letters

Use a brush and write the words on the rough sketched composition. This will give a brief idea of how the composition is going to look.

Reduce the opacity of the words. Create typography by drawing the letter. Create a Sans Serif font type for this particular composition. Then, add color to the letters.

Add Color 

Tap on the layer that has a stamp and put reference to everything on the canvas. This will form a reference to that layer. Add a layer below and drop a color. This will automatically fill the color.

Add color to stamps and the words. Choose a dark background color for this composition. Make it as colorful as you like, balancing the colors on the composition.

Pro tip: Use the Alpha Lock as a mask to paint on top or use a clipping mask by adding a new layer. 

Add Texture in the Background

Pick the brick wall to add a rough texture in the background. This will help add more texture to the background.

Congratulations, your beautiful lettering is complete.