Many of you have asked about how to seamlessly tile the backgrounds available in this week’s deal:

900 Web & Print Ready Backgrounds and Digital Papers from Maishop Just $19

Whilst the original high-res designs are meant more to be dragged and dropped into your design projects (much like textures), they are luckily fairly easy to tile seamlessly, with a little Photoshop magic.

Today is our first video tutorial, as I wanted to walk you through 3 incredibly useful tiling techniques, that will let you use your new backgrounds as patterns too. It’s also worth mentioning that due to the overwhelming demand for tileable backgrounds, Maishop have kindly included 50 .ai seamless pattern versions of some of the best designs from this bundle, as a free bonus when you grab this deal.

Check out the main deal page for a preview of all the patterns and backgrounds.

Freebie: 7 Maishop Background Designs

This tutorial is accompanied by a fantastic freebie pack, taken from this week’s deal, offering you 900 of Maishop’s Best Backgrounds and Digital Papers for Just $19.

To give you a sample of the 900 background designs on offer, we’re giving away a pack of 7 beautiful background designs from Maishop.

Video Tutorial: How to Tile Any Background Design Seamlessly

I really hope that you find this tutorial helpful, and please let us know in the comments below. Do you prefer learning by video? Was anything not clear? We’re here to help.