Join us - March 23rd - 26th

Join us - January 26th - 29th

Mentoring Session

Live Mentoring Session - Matt Slightam

TUESDAY 1ST, 2:00-2:30PM (GMT)

Ask Matt Your Questions

We're over the moon that the wonderful Matt Slightam is joining us for this live mentoring session.

Matt understands designers and design better than anyone, which is why he's the Creative Director in our Design Cuts family. Having run a design agency in the past, there's little he can't tell you; whether you have questions that are client, product or process related, now's your chance to pick his brains.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure on registering for this mentoring session you pop any questions you may have in the 'Ask A Question' section in the Crowdcast session ahead of time. Also please up vote those questions already asked that you would like to know the answer to.

Whilst Matt will endeavour to answer as many questions as possible, we anticipate high demand, so it is really important to add your questions in advance so others can upvote and give them the best possible chance of being covered. 

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