This recorded mini tutorial is brought to you from our friend Ana, from Ana's Fonts. Ana provides a step by step guide to  creating a minimalist seasonal postcard and social posts using her latest Leaves and Twigs Font Trio and Extras product.

To help you recreate this seasonal postcard, Ana has also provided some freebies from this pack to get you started. We'd love to see your finished designs, so please do share with us on social media by using @designcuts or #designcuts.

Below Ana will walk you through using the Leaves & Twigs Font and Illustrations collection to make a seasonal postcard (and show you how to easily adapt it to social media !)

Let's begin

Start with creating a file with the right dimensions. For this postcard I use the A6 dimensions predefined in Photoshop, although you can also choose the Postcard settings.

Open « 126.png » and drag it to our postcard file. Adjust the color and saturation by going to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and adjusting it to your liking. In my case I decreased saturation a bit but kept the same Hue. I also rotated the red blob to the left by around 17.5°.

Install « LeavesAndTwigsFloral-Regular » and type « I » at around 132 pt character size (or choose a different letter, if you prefer). Position it to your liking. Personally, I like it when part of the illustration is outside the red blob.

Install « LeavesAndTwigsThree-Regular » and type your message at around 26 pt size and 26 pt line spacing.

Open « 151.png » and define it as a brush by going to Edit > Define Brush Preset. Select the brush tool and stamp the circle on a new, empty layer.

And that’s it if you’re planning on printing your postcard on a textured paper. But if you would like to add a little texture to your design or use it in social media, let’s open « paper1.png ». Resize it (I sized down to 1500 px width) and drag it over the postcard document. Make sure it is the layer on top and set the blending to « Multiply ».

If you would like to quickly create an Instagram (or any other social media) post you can, easily. First, make sure to convert the image layers to smart objects by right-clicking on the layer and selecting « Convert to Smart Object ». This will make sure these layers remain intact when you crop the image to the right size. Here I crop it to a 1240 px square. I then reorganize the layers around : make the red blob smaller, bring the text up and the circle down, until it looks balanced to me.

This is optional, but you can also add a couple of smaller illustrations, with « LeavesAndTwigsFloral-Regular » at 132 pt for « J » and « K ».

And there you go ! A minimalist postcard that you can print at home and send out during this holiday season.