The Creative Journey is a unique insight into how to build a creative business from scratch. Follow along as Jo Fallon shows the Design Cuts community the ups and downs of starting her business The Cotswold Chalkboard.

In this week’s episode, Jo talks about editing the vlog and mentions that she has fallen behind with work, as she wasn’t able to edit it every night which meant she had to do a big chunk of work in one go. This was a reminder for Jo on the importance of doing a bit every night and avoiding these kinds of situations in the future.

Jo reveals that she has overestimated the time it takes her to draw the chalk elements and realised that with the deadline fast approaching she can’t afford to procrastinate and she will need to be very careful how she manages her time. Her new plan is to edit the vlog in the day and then later on in the day start working on the chalk drawings and work on these during the night. She finds that she gets much easier distracted during the day, and this new approach will work better and she will make a lot of progress on the drawings with far less distractions at 03:00 in the morning.

Overall, Jo’s done a great progress on the chalk drawings for the Design Cuts pack and we love seeing all the new elements and the variety included in the pack.

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