This is your chance to own some of the best design resources in the world for up to 99% off. We’re re-running our most popular bundles from the past 6 years. Full commercial licensing and unlimited support included. Grab as many as you can below, before they expire forever.

117 lovely comments from our community

    • Hey Elise,

      YAY we are so pleased that you love them! Thank you so much for helping us celebrate our birthday and rest assured we have lots more goodies to come :)

    • Hey Monika,

      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment and you are more than welcome :) We are delighted to hear you have a must have list already- we hope you love working with the bundles you pick up!

  1. This is like a dream come true. Over the years there were a few bundles I missed and sorely regretted not picking up. Thanks for the second chance!

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks so much for your comment. The LineKing iOS Icons was included in The Modern Designer’s Professional Toolkit which unfortunately is not part of our birthday event but you can find it in our Marketplace where you can build your own bundle and receive up to 50% off!

      I hope this helps :)

    • Hey Maren,

      Heehee I must say we’re all getting super excited for Christmas -which may I add, is only 84 days away! Mmm… 84 days till mince pies :)

  2. omg… once again happy birthday..
    now i have to figure out how do i grab them ( i dont have many of them) even though i buy the packages every month – maybe i have.. err.. oooof so happy…
    you should give warning to save money.. befor dropping happines bombs :P
    Love, Grace

    • Hey Grace,

      Woohoo thanks so much for being here to celebrate our birthday with us :)

      Happiness bomb -we have never heard that saying before but it’s absolutely perfect for how we’re feeling!

  3. omg… once again happy birthday..
    now i have to figure out how do i grab them ( i dont have many of them) even though i buy the packages every month – maybe i have.. err.. oooof so happy…
    you should give warning to save money.. before dropping happiness bombs :P

  4. HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY DC!!! OMG, this is great! I did a quick scan and I’m in love!!! WOO WHOO! I am making my list. I was looking for the The Creative’s Vibrant Artistic Collection and it wasn’t there this time but I hope you guys put it on the list next year!
    Thank you guys!

    • Hey Vida,

      Thanks so much for leaving us a wonderful comment -you’re more than welcome. We love that you’re writing down a list :)

      Oh no I am so sorry that this was not in this year’s birthday bundles, however I can definitely make this a suggestion for next year!

  5. THIRTY-NINE BUNDLES?!? 17 of them are font bundles? Are you joking me? You’ve seriously lose your minds. You went bajookas in the srilinkas. I had to start a spreadsheet just to try to figure out which bundles to get. Preparation for the madness has begun.

    • Hey Erik,

      Haha it’s fantastic to hear we’ve caught you by surprise with the number of bundles! We’ve gone bananas but it’s just so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to be celebrating our birthday with you :)

  6. The font bundles are amazing, first class, the best, outstanding and Great.

    I got them the first time around. If you missed any, now it the time to stock up.
    Never a better deal.

    Thanks DC

    • Hey Scott,

      Thanks so much for your amazing feedback and your continued support to DC! That’s awesome to hear that you already have all of these bundles -Carol told me to let you know though that we will have a new font bundle coming soon :)

  7. WOW! So many font bundles I missed because I didn’t find you for a few years, now a chance to pick them up! Happy Birthday!

    • Hey Joseph,

      Thanks for your comment!

      We’re so glad you found us and super happy to have you in our community! I’m glad you have the chance to pick up all the bundles you’ve been missing :)

  8. Fantastic! Thanks for offering these and for the online conference. Looking forward to the sessions :)

    • Hey Harmony,

      Thanks for your kind words -you are most welcome :)

      It’s fantastic to hear that you’re enjoying our celebrations-we’re just bursting with excitement for our first ever online conference on Monday!

  9. Thank you so much for bringing these back. Now to double check my account and grab the bundles I missed.

    Happy birthday!

    • Hey Fern,

      Thanks for such a lovely comment -you are more than welcome!

      We hope you find those awesome bundles you missed and continue to grow your creative collection :)

      • OMG I did it. I got everything I was missing. I feel a little lightheaded. 😵😵😵😵😵

        Thank you again for making these available? 😭 Happy birthday

        • Hey Fern,

          Thanks for coming back to me and you’re more than welcome -this is such awesome news!

          Hopefully you can sit back, put your feet up and relax with a nice cuppa now that you’ve found everything you were looking for :)

  10. Happy 6th Birthday DC!!! And thanks again Design Cuts team… Your generosity is extraordinary!!! Many thanks, and much appreciation your way. Jesus thinks you’re the bomb!!! <3

    • Hey Justin,

      Heehee thanks so much for being here to celebrate our 6th birthday -we think your comment’s the bomb!

      We all really appreciate the extraordinary support from you and our community and wish you all happy celebrations :)

    • Hey Vanessa,

      Thanks for leaving us a comment,

      These are some of our top-selling bundles which came about in our early days of 2014, they are on a limited time offer and are available until the 15th October to celebrate our 6th birthday :)

      I hope this helps!

  11. Dammit, this is so good. Bought two bundles I wish I’d bought in the past. How long does the sale go on for? I may have to dip in again…

    • Hey Joseph,

      Thanks for your awesome comment, I’m super happy you got your hands on those bundles!
      This limited time offer is running for two weeks and hopefully there’s plenty more bundles for you to dip your toes into again :)

  12. Happy Birthday! It is crazy that it has been 6 years, I remember grabbing your very first bundle!

    I didn’t miss too many, but with the reruns, is there any way to figure out which we already have? Or will it not let your repurchase a duplicate bundle?

    I did see the comment that some were from 2014…Thanks for your assistance!

    • Hey Josh,

      Thanks for being such a loyal member of our community! We totally agree -time really does fly when you’re having fun :)

      At the moment it won’t flag for you if you already own a bundle you’re trying to purchase, but rest assured we’re working on introducing this feature. In the meantime, I am more than happy to help and if you let me know which bundle you’re keen to grab, I can check your account to see if you already own it :).

      I hope this helps!

  13. HBD!

    Thanks for ruining my productivity today as go through these and figure out what I already bought and what I can’t live without.


    • Hey Dan,

      Thanks for your comment :)

      Heehee you’ve given us all the giggles -hopefully all your new bundles will help increase your productivity to the max!

    • Hey Laine,

      Thanks for leaving your comment!

      They absolutely are -we hope you enjoy browsing through all our birthday goodies and find something nice for your collection :)

  14. Happy Birthday Design Cuts 🎉. It’s unbelieveable that the 6y have passed 🙀! Thank you for delivering absolutely the best bundles in entire Universe. As an author included in these bundles thank you once again for this amazing opportunity.

    And these conferences 😍 already subscribed to four of them. Can’t wait to join!

    • Hey Lucas,

      Well we think this is one of the best comments in the entire universe!

      Thanks so much for working with us -we love featuring your work and thanks for being part of the birthday :)

  15. GITS!!!!!! Sorry only kidding but i only have so much spare cash and i’m a sucker for your Font bundles and have missed some of these first time round.

    • Hey Justin,

      This comment is top notch and has given us all the giggles!

      Oh no we hope you find the bundle that’s perfect for you -that’s worth every penny :)

    • Hey Alli,

      Thanks for leaving us a comment -you’re most welcome,

      Haha well, whenever I have a difficult decision I find eeny-meeny-miny-moe works best :)

      We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating our birthday with us!

  16. Oh! You’re bringing the bundles back again! YaaY! But….why didn’t I get an email abt this…? I only discovered it from Chris Spooner’s announcement email. Having a sad. 😔

    • Hey Richard,

      Thanks for your comment,

      Oh no we’re so sorry that you didn’t receive an email about our birthday bundle! We sent out an email yesterday so it may be worth checking your spam in case it has accidentally been pulled through to the wrong inbox.

      We’re so glad you found out about the bundles through Chris and we hope you love our birthday celebrations :)

    • I also didn’t receive an email (also not in spam) and found out about it through Jacob Cass’s newsletter. It’s really not a problem for me, but thought I’d mention it just in case something didn’t go quite right with the sending and you’d want to know. I am loving the bundles though, and think I may have a bit of a type-crush on ‘Fibra One’ from Los Andes Type! ;-)

      • Thanks so much for commenting Ester and for letting us know that you did not receive your email! It appears that the platform that we use to host our newsletters were experiencing some technical difficulties, so thanks so much for flagging this with us!

        I have just manually added you back in now so this should be working for you now, however if you do have any other questions, please do let me know- I am always happy to help!

  17. Thanks so much! There was one bundle that I couldn’t get and I was deeply sad I’d missed it. Now I don’t have to be sad anymore!

    • Hey Lorraine,

      Thanks so much for this wonderful comment and you’re more than welcome :)

      This has brightened everyone’s day -this is why we love our birthday celebration- our lovely community can have a second chance at grabbing those missed goodies!

  18. Happy Birthday to Design Cuts and Merry Christmas to ME! Ha! Sooo happy to see some of these again and definitely won’t miss some of these this time around!!! I can already see several that I absolutely have been kicking myself for missing. THANK YOU!!

    • Hey Jose,

      Thanks for leaving us a merry comment and you’re absolutely welcome!

      This is such fantastic news as we couldn’t have you kicking yourself -we’re so pleased this has helped :)

  19. Are you guys trying to make me poor? I’m going to have to buy at least half a dozen of these. Thanks for making all the old bundles available.

    • Hey Na Co,

      Thanks for leaving us a comment and you’re more than welcome,

      Heehee I promise we’re not! Hopefully all of your new-old goodies distract you from your pockets feeling a little lighter :)

  20. Hi DC,

    I wonder though, what’s the quickest way to determine overlap with my previously purchased bundles ?
    Thanks for spoiling us.

    • Hey Robert,

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

      If you send me over the bundles you’re enquiring about I can look at your account to let you know which ones you have already :)

      • Hi Kat,

        I have not decided yet. I planned to do this over the weekend (to not hamper productivity) and was just looking for a fast and efficient way. I’ll do it myself, no need to do the grunt work for me. Thanks for offering though. 😉

        • Hey Robert,

          Thanks for coming back to me :)

          We’re definitely looking to make this more efficient for our community, however in the meantime we’re more than happy to look this up for you.

          Just as a suggestion, I personally use the method of the quick search function (Cmd+F on a Mac, Control+F on a PC). This way you should be able to search for a product by name in your downloads, so I hope this helps to speed up the process for you Robert.

          Rest assured we’re always here and happy to help!

    • Hey Steve,

      Thanks for your lovely comment -you’re always welcome!

      We’re so happy with all the positive feedback from you and our community -you guys are all amazing :)

  21. You fiends! I have a mortgage to pay and children to feed/clothe…
    I suspect I will be getting a few of these, happy Birthday and continued success

    • Hey Simon,

      Thanks so much for your hilarious comment -I’m internally chuckling :)

      Just think of how many projects you can create with your new resources and hopefully these will help keep clothes on everyone’s back!

    • Hey Monika,

      Thanks for your awesome comment -you’re so welcome!

      We hope you find something that grooves perfectly with all your projects :)

    • Hey Anna,

      Wow your amazing comment has got us all blushing! This is great to hear and -just saying- Christmas is only 82 days away. I hope your new resources are a perfect for all your designing needs :)

  22. Happy birthday! Would love to get some of these bundles! I’m wondering if any of these bundles have overlapping items in them? It would be a waste to purchase bundles that have exact same items in them.

    • Hey Klieo,

      Thanks so much for your comment,

      We always strive to include new items across our bundles so you should not come across any duplicates in your purchases :)

      I hope this helps and that you find yourself some awesome new goodies to add to your collection!

  23. Why oh Why! All these lovely in one go? Come ‘on guys.. how will I eat then? take my money..
    Seriously, Thanks for bringing them back.. How I wish I have saved for all of the bundles I’ve missed..
    Happy 6th Birthday again Design Cuts!

    • Hey Abet,

      Thanks for your lovely comment -reading this has tickled us all pink!

      We’re so pleased you’re excited by these goodies and hopefully, all the awesome designs you can make with them will distract you from your rumbling tummy lol

  24. Too much too quickly. I have already done my spreadsheet and identify the fonts I want and which bundles are best values for me. I have to use up my future spending this month.

    • Hey Yoke,

      Thanks so much for your awesome comment!

      Woohoo this is some fantastic organisation -hopefully you will forget all the money you spent while having lots of fun with your new creative goodies :)

        • Hey Yoke,

          thanks so much for coming back to me!

          Heehee while your designing with your new gems, you could turn on some music to cover up your tummy grumbles?

          I hope you’re having lots of fun with your 5 new goodies :)

  25. Hello!

    I am not a Photoshop user, but I do use Procreate. Are there any bundles above that work with Procreate? The deals are too good to miss!

    Thank you so much in advance!

    Rose Herczeg

    • Thanks so much for commenting Rose and it is really great to hear that you are interested in checking out some new Procreate goodies!

      We currently do not have any bundles specifically for Procreate, however we have recently launched our Procreate section in our Marketplace, and you always have the option to build your own bundle of items and receive up to 50% off, so I hope that you enjoy checking out some of our Marketplace deals here: https://www.designcuts.com/product-category/procreate/

  26. Question: In the ‘The Essential, Popular Fonts Collection’ the Hanley Collection is not the ‘Pro’ version? I was trying to access Stylistic Set 4 but can’t seem to find it.
    Sorry for asking here, but the deal page itself didn’t seem to have a comment section…

    • Thanks so much for reaching out to us Joseph and we are really sorry for any confusion caused!

      This particular bundle is a re-run of a deal that we ran back in 2017, which is why this deal only includes the original version of Hanley, so my apologies for any disappointment caused!

      We do always include preview graphics on our deal page so that you can see exactly what is included in your files, so I am really sorry if you were hoping to see these extra characters. I have just popped you over an email to help you further with this Joseph, and if you have any queries, please do let me know!

  27. Should be made easy for me to see which bundle I have bought and which I have not, especially when the names of the bundles consist of just a handful of confusingly similar keywords. It took me some time to cross check each bundle manually to avoid buying the same bundle again…

    • Hey Terry,

      Thanks so much for your email and I’m so sorry for any inconvenience caused!

      This is definitely something the team is working on to be more user friendly for our lovely community. However, in the meantime please feel free to ask us about any bundles and we can let you know whether you’ve already bought these.

      Please rest assured if you have duplicated a bundle we can certainly refund this for you Terry :)

  28. Wonderful idea to bring all these excellent bundles back. A great opportunity for those who missed some of them. With such a broad selection on display, it would be churlish to be at all disappointed, but the one font I always kick myself for missing and had long been hoping might return – ‘Verb’ by Yellow Design Studios (I forget which font bundle it was in) – unfortunately isn’t here. If you’re taking requests for a future bundle, I would love to see that one back again.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment James and it really means so much to us to hear that you are enjoying checking out all of our birthday bundle re-runs :).

      We really appreciate you letting us know that you would like to see a re-run of the 30 Best Selling Creative Fonts, to be able to get the chance to pick up Verb. I will definitely pass this on to our Team to see if we can possibly include this as part of a future bundle re-run event, so thanks so much for popping us over your suggestion!

    • Hey Logan,

      Thanks for your comment,

      I can definitely help you with this! On all bundles from our Bonanza, you should be able to find a countdown to their exact expiry time -on the right hand side of the product page just below the product image.

      I hope this helps and that you’re able to grab all your goodies in time :)

  29. Question about the competition, is it images only or can I submit a video or video of a game that is using designs I’ve bought from here?

    • Hey Christian,

      Thanks for leaving us a comment,

      It’s fantastic to hear that you’re interested in taking part in our birthday competition!

      As long as it’s an original design and it’s posted with either #designcutslive or to Typeform using the link provided on the competition page, your piece will be deemed valid.

      We’re wishing you the best of luck if you choose to enter and we’re super excited to see everyone’s designs :)

    • Hey Mo,

      Thanks so much for your awesome comment!

      I’m so pleased you’ve got the chance to add some missing goodies to your collection -I hope they’re perfect for all your creative projects :)

  30. I have repeatedly begged for your first deal. It can’t possibly be the most popular because it was the first. As I wrote back then, I found out because I have been on Denise Love’s emailing list prior to DesignCuts. She alerted her subscribers. Of course I always buy her packages here. Plus so many more.

    But I REALLY LOVE Fish Scraps and the other offerings. IF there’s ever a chance for this, I think it would do well, now that you have a HUGE following. Thanks for all you all do!

    The Ultimate Scrapbooker’s Selection (800+ Lovingly Crafted Items)


    • Hey Jenny,

      Thanks so much for your comment and you’re most welcome.

      My name is Kat and I am the newest member of Design Cuts -I’ve heard so many lovely things about you from the rest of the team and I’m super pleased to have the chance to E-meet you!

      I’m so sorry that the Ultimate Scrapbooking Collection was not featured this time around but rest assured I’ll definitely raise it with the team for future events :)

      • Wow, you’ve heard lovely things about ME? I’m honored and flattered. I absolutely LOVE DesignCuts. Sadly, this came at a time when money tight. I’ve spent most of this year rebuilding my ecommerce site and new classes I’m about to launch. Which means money hasn’t been coming in but going out.

        I’m known for my punk photos, so my visuals are mostly my own photos. Plus textures from the great Denise Love, who turned me onto DesignCuts 6 years ago.

        BUT I LOVE collecting, being inspired and entertained by the many tens of thousands of images I’ve bought over these 6 years. My background is in art, with tons of art history books and degrees. I’m always reading art history. This summer I read about the private lives of Impressionists. Now deeply into Pre-Raphaelites and Victorian era society. Wish I were in England NOW for the Pre-Raphaelite Sisters exhibit at your National Portrait Gallery, opening this week! (And Cecil Beaton in March, wow!)

        Since I was a young child, I’ve LOVED vintage images from your Industrial Revolution, mid-to-late 19th Century. Machinery and household items were far more interesting looking then!

        Thanks so much for all the good work you do. I KNOW you put a lot of time, thought, energy and focus into your collections.

        With much gratitude and here’s to many more happy, productive years!

        Congrats being part of THIS team, the BEST, starting with Tom and now you, Kat! Keep on rockin’

        PS Thanks for the Clash, the most amazing band I ever photographed. I flew to England on my last bit of money to shoot them during their 16 Tons Tour, after shooting them in my native California, 1980. Still the last gang in town. Started with the Ramones and ended with the Clash. With LOTS of British punk bands in-between. Thanks for the great memories. LOVE the British and Irish and Scots and Welsh people and your art!

        Today I read about Queen Elizabeth II and all the royal pomp and circumstance re the State Opening of Parliament. Long Live the Queen! And all that jazz. Difficult times, with Brexit and over here, one heartless party and man destroying everything decent people care about. Art to our rescue!

        Yes, call me an Anglophile. I just love art. And the British Isles has such a rich visual and cultural history. I love art from the Continent, especially France. But ya know, the sun never set on the British Empire and its influence will always be felt. Thanks and my best to all.

        Ha, sorry for this LONG love letter to you all and the British Isles.

        • Hey Jenny,

          Thanks so much for coming back to me, with such wonderful insight and flattery!

          I’m so excited to be part of such a wonderful team and community -Carol, Annabel and Tom have spoken highly of both you and your amazing photography and I can’t deny I had my own little peek online. I’m honoured to have the opportunity to speak to such a talented and legendary artist!

          We’re so happy that Denise introduced you to DC 6 years ago and that you’ve joined us for another brilliant birthday celebration- thank you for your continued support! The team and I are wishing you the best of luck in the launches of your new lessons and the rebuild of your ecommerce site :)

  31. Hi!
    This is great. I picked up three bundles I missed. I’m downloading now and noticed that the The Designer’s Vintage Treasure Chest (Rerun) doesn’t have the helpful documents. Could you please post?
    Thanks! Happy anniversary!

    • Hey Donna,

      Thanks so much for leaving your comment, it’s awesome to hear you’ve found three lots of goodies you’d missed! I hope they’re perfect for all of your designs.

      Oh no I’m really sorry about this, unfortunately there aren’t any helpful documents available for our birthday bundles. However, you can always check out the product page where you should find all the information available about your goodies. If you have any other questions though, please feel free to pop us a message at hello@designcuts.com -we’re always happy to help :)

  32. Thank you, this is great. When I saw this, I got so excited and hoped to see ‘The Font Geek’s Go-to Bundle’. Sad that it is not part of the offers.

  33. I make layouts for my client, it’s a small sports nutrition startup. I use fonts from 2 of your bundles in this project. They want to use these fonts for their own as well. Could they buy these 2 bundles now during this rerun to obtain licenses for themselves?

    • Thanks so much for commenting Evgeny and the great news is that your clients can certainly purchase any of these bundles to receive their own copy of our single-user licence to work with these resources :).

      Alternatively, we are always happy to create a team licence for you and yoru client, so that you can access the resources from one account. It is completely up to you which option you prefer, and if you have any queries, please let me know and I can definitely help :).

  34. I wish you made it more clear that the theme of the competition was ‘what does design mean to you’ because having it only in the first sentence of the description but not in the rules (which was all I was looking at and would’ve been a GREAT detail), I can understand why most people posted a lot of other stuff that they designed that had nothing to do with that. If it had a theme it should’ve been posted more than once outside of just one paragraph and should have been a main headliner. Now I feel like an idiot because I would’ve designed something else and entered it instead of working hard on a totally random design for this thing that was going to fail in the first place.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to us Christian and I am so sorry for any disappointment caused over our competition terms. We completely appreciate that our vast community all work on such a variety of design projects. In previous years, we have run competitions including designing a birthday themed t-shirt or a birthday card. For this year’s birthday competition however, we wanted to allow our diverse community to share their personal projects and style of designing with us, so our theme was to design something unique to what design means to you. This could be based on what our community design for clients as their profession, such as a brand identity, or based on crafts that some of our community create for family members.

      We loved all of the designs that we received, and picking our winners is always such a challenging task. We hoped that this theme would allow all of our community to be able to get involved with this years competition, so I am really sorry if you feel that this could have been made clearer on the event page! I completely agree that it would be really useful for any themes to be included in the competition rules as well, and this is definitely something that we can ensure is included in future. My apologies again for any disappointment caused Christian, however I hope that this helps.

  35. Well done.
    Thank you for providing a wonderfully rich way to learn throughout the week.
    Keep up the good work!
    All the best to you all.

    • Hey Bob,

      Aww thanks so much for your wonderful comment and you’re always welcome :)

      We hope you picked up some awesome tips and tricks during our birthday celebrations and that you love putting them into action!

    • Hey Gabriele,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment and you’re most welcome!

      We hope you love your newest resources and that they’re amazing for all your creative ventures :)

  36. Your birthdays are always special and this one is no less. Apparently I only needed 15 of these which is great because I was recently lamenting missing a few bundles. Unfortunately I’ve now bought 15 bundles from you. Woe is my wallet. As someone who missed the first few three years I really appreciate when you do things like this. Any time you guys want to revisit the early bundles is a great occasion! You guys are fantastic to your customers!

    • Hey Will,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment -you’ve made us all blush!

      Heehee weren’t wallets made to be emptied from time to time? We’re so happy that you found some old gems to add to your collection and we hope they work a treat in all of your designs :)

    • Hey Daniel,

      Heehee thanks so much for your funny comment -you made everyone chuckle!

      Hopefully your newest additions to your creative collection can distract you from the cracking sound :)

  37. For the future, what might be terrific is a pick-your-own bundle from items in DC’s previous bundles. I have a number of bundles already but I see one or two items in all your bundles that would be nice to have. I usually go for the font bundles but your graphic assets bundles have an item that I would be nice. My 2¢ worth!

    • Thanks so much for your fab suggestion Mark, we really appreciate your support!

      Just in case you aren’t aware, the majority of items included in our bundles do actually end up in our Marketplace so that you purchase these individually, and you can also receive up to 50% off with our build a bundle discounts :). I will definitely pass on your suggestion to our team however Mark to see if we can possibly include something similar in future for you so I hope this helps.

    • Hey Amit,

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment and you’re more than welcome!

      I can definitely help you with this -the ‘All Purpose Vector Supply Kit’ has the ‘Essential Icons Vol.1’ which contains 24 vector icons -this will be expiring soon though so I hope you can pick up your goodies in time!

      I hope this helps, if you have any more questions just let me know as I am always happy to help :).

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