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12 lovely comments from our community

    • Hey Alfonso, we are really sorry for any confusion. These discounts are part of our Photoshop Live event, which is running from the 15th – 21st June. We have included the dates on our event page, so my apologies if you missed them.

      Our 50% off discounts will be ending at midnight UK time on 21st June, so there is still time for you to be able to check out all of our deals :).

    • Hey Mark,

      You can absolutely access the replays of all of our live sessions, by using the original video links on our event pages :).

  1. Hello there, I’m just now catching up since I had to drive for internet access. The coupon for the Better Photos with Your iPhone is invalid. Am I too late? Thanks!

    • Hey Debra,

      Thanks so much for leaving your comment.

      I am really sorry to hear the coupon code is not working for you, I have popped you an email to help you further with this :)

  2. Your experts are AMAZING!!! I’m a beginner, and my brain is reeling from the massive input of new information. I had so much fun!!! And thanks to your generous discount, I traded sleep time for hours of photoshop-play with all my new toys. Thank you so much, Tom and everyone at Design Cuts who made this happen!

    • Hey there,

      Thanks so much for your amazing comment!

      We are absolutely delighted to hear you had a good time with us and that you got lots out of our Photoshop Live Event. We are so grateful to all of the wonderful designers who helped make this event happen :)

      Thanks for all your support and lovely feedback.

  3. Thank you to Design Cuts for this wonderful series of presenters and to the talented individuals who shared their knowledge and skills with us! Also a big thank you to the designers who provided their products at a discount.

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