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Speakers Start from 7th October

Join 4 Procreate Illustration Superstars Live on Thursday, June 30th

Lisa Glanz

Lisa Glanz


4pm - 4.30pm (BST)

How To Create Unique Brushes For Interesting Texture Results

The immensely talented Lisa Glanz is an artist, Honest Designers co-host and designer of all things cute and fuzzy. One of our absolute favourite illustrators in the creative world Lisa’s whimsical graphics add magic and joy to creative projects around the globe.

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown

4.30pm - 5pm (BST)

Shading in Procreate - 3 Easy Techniques

An artistic wizard, particularly when it comes to watercolor and mixed media Nathan Brown’s art is nothing short of stunning and really demonstrates the value he places on craftsmanship and quality. As a seasoned professional designer and illustrator for over 17 years, Nathan understands creatives and what they need better than anyone.

Floortje Visser

Floortje Visser


5pm - 5.30pm (BST)

Master Composition Techniques To Improve Your Artwork

As both an incredible digital artist and teacher, Flo uses her knowledge and skills to help you get the most out of Procreate for your creative ventures and spends a good proportion of her time creating handy, cool, easy-to-use digital art brushes to help designers make their mark.

Melinda Livsey

Peggy Dean


5.30pm - 6pm (BST)

Procreate Ideas For Keeping Up With Design Trends

World renowned artist, best selling author and award winning educator Peggy Dean, founder of The Pigeon Letters is here to show you the art of art and empower you along your own journey.


The Procreate Illustration School is the ultimate learning experience to help you level up your digital illustrations.

This comprehensive course will teach you the fundamentals of composition, shading, texture application and earning money from your artwork.

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