Procreate Lettering For Beginners - Live Workshop

THURSDAY, September 8th


Speakers Start from 8th September

Join 4 Procreate Lettering Superstars Live on Thursday, September 8th

Loveleigh Loops

Jillian Reece: Loveleigh Loops


4pm - 4.30pm (BST)

The Basics Of Using Layers For Digital Lettering

The immensely talented Jillian Reece is one half of the incredible duo Loveleigh Loops; professional calligraphers & educators. Jillian has taught tens of thousands of students around the globe the art of calligraphy in her own unique style and is an absolute expert in the fundamentals of lettering to get you started on the right foot or simply to improve your current technique.

Jimbo Bernaus

Jimbo Bernaus: Shoutbam!


4.30pm - 5pm (BST)

Exploring Lettering Composition Techniques

A lettering wizard, Jimbo from Shoutbam creates wordplay art that is nothing short of stunning and works tirelessly to help designers fulfil their potential; creating tools and educational content to support you along the way. Jimbo's creative imagination when it comes to lettering is second to none and in this session you'll be treated to a masterclass of lettering inspiration and creation.

Molly Suber Thorpe

Molly Suber Thorpe


5pm - 5.30pm (BST)

An Introduction To Brush Lettering

As both an incredible lettering artist and teacher, Molly's career is vast; designing custom lettering for brands and individuals around the world, as well as creating digital assets for artists and bestselling books for calligraphers. Molly has helped thousands of letterers hone their skills and this session is designed to do just that with a focus on brush lettering.

Ian Barnard

Ian Barnard


5.30pm - 6pm (BST)

Adding Inline & Bevel Decoration To Your Letters

World renowned hand-lettering artist, Ian Barnard is dedicated to helping millions improve their lettering skills through educational videos on YouTube and Instagram, as well as creating and selling digital lettering brushes and packs to help you take your lettering to the next level.


Procreate Lettering For Beginners is the ultimate learning experience to help you develop your lettering skills.

This comprehensive course will teach you the fundamentals of lettering composition, brush and decorative lettering.

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