To support our Product Academy course I've run a number of  live sessions giving more details on product design, and created some free useful templates. I hope you find them handy in your product design journey! If you'd like to find my latest thoughts on product design you can also follow me on Instagram @mattslightam.

Live Session:
An Introduction to Designing & Selling Digital Design Products

This session is perfect to set the scene before going through our Product Academy course!

It gives an overview of the course; the opportunity, to how to get started, how to decide what products to make, research, how to define your audience and brand and how to create and launch your first product.

Live Session:
How to Design a Digital Design Product – a Step by Step Guide

Get a complete breakdown of how products are designed and created, with lots of valuable takeaways for your own products! Using one of our own exclusive products as an example.

From how we found the product idea, how we matched that to the designer's talent, to how we worked to put the product scope together, transitioned to the design phase and presentation phase, and finally how we launched the pack!

Free Template & How To Video: Product Planner

Digital Design Product Planner How To Video

To help you timeline your products, we put together a free product planner and accompanying how to video to show you how to use it.

It'll help you structure your product design process - and keep everything on track to meet your launch date!

Live Session & Free Template:
How To Design A Digital Product Cover

To help you get started I've created a free design template to base your cover designs around - and launched it with an accompanying learning session in our learning hub.

The template contains all the elements we recommend your include in your covers, plus a number of sample layouts to help you get started - and the session holds your hand through how to design product covers in detail!

Matt Slightam

About The Author

Matt Slightam is Co-founder and creative director at Design Cuts. He's creatively directed some of the biggest digital design products on the market - working with many leading designers such as Shoutbam, Trailhead, Latino Type, Pretty Little Lines, ROHH, Julia Dreams and many more.

Matt puts out regular useful content to help designers via Instagram, and can be found at @mattslightam