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Lisa Glanz

"Being a co-host on the Honest Designers podcast only happened because of selling my work on Design Cuts - I’ve even landed a dream licensing client because a fellow artist sent them my details. And chatting to my customers daily is a real highlight which I truly cherish.

All this because I decided to take the leap a few years back and create my first digital product. And the best part is, I know this is just the beginning of many more amazing creative adventures!"

Lisa Glanz

Leading designer of illustrated digital design products


What's Next?

It's important to keep the momentum up if you're keen to have a successful career! With that in mind, here are a few ideas of things which will help you move your digital product design career forward, whilst we review your product:

  • Brand your social channels so that they are recognisable to you - then start releasing interesting free content relating to your talents and products.
  • Create a website via a platform like Squarespace (if you don't have one already). Then use it to start marketing your products and brand. Remember, giving freebies away on your website then collecting email addresses in exchange for those freebies (a lead magnet), is a great way to build your own email list to market to!
  • Start researching and planning your next product.
Matt Slightam

About The Author

Matt Slightam is Co-founder and creative director at Design Cuts. He's creatively directed some of the biggest digital design products on the market - working with many leading designers such as Shoutbam, Trailhead, Latino Type, Pretty Little Lines, ROHH, Julia Dreams and many more.

Matt puts out regular useful content to help designers via Instagram, and can be found at @mattslightam