The Most Creative Textures In The World

We’ve been using 2 Lil Owls textures in our own work for over a year now. They’re hands down our favorite textures of all time. Keep reading to find out why, and see how 2 Lil Owls’ biggest ever texture bundle can help your creative work. You don’t want to miss this one!


Textures Created For Designers Like You

Usually we’ll always avoid calling a product ‘the best’, as we realize how many fantastic products are out there. However, in 2 Lil Owls’ case they really do set the bar when it comes to texture design.

Rather than supplying basic close-up photos, each of their textures is hand-crafted as an individual work of art. Each texture combines expert photography with the artistic direction, care and attention of designer Denise Love. Denise spends a huge amount of time ensuring each texture is perfect, and will often layer up multiple photos, brushes, scans, effects, colors and masks to create a superb end product.

The result? Textures that are rich with depth and detail. Textures that do the hard work for you. You won’t need to tweak and manipulate these textures to make your work look great. You can just drop them into your projects and take your designs to a whole new level. Take a look at how beautiful they are, and see why we love using them so much in our own work!

Carnevale Texture Pack (45 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures

Hand-Crafted, Beautiful Detail In Every Texture

You can tell the love and care that’s been put into each one of Denise’s textures. She ensures that each texture is a work of art, rich in detail and design. Each texture is over 3500px wide, making them perfect for your print work. Take a look at how great they look at higher res:

2 Lil Owls Texture Bundle

Integrate The Textures Into Your Designs in Seconds

These textures are all incredibly easy to integrate into your design projects. Simply paste them in, and then adjust the blend mode and opacity and ‘voila!’ a beautiful new overlay or background for your piece.

Crackle Texture Pack (20 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures

Creative Masks Texture Pack (30 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures

2 Lil Owls Textures

Endless Uses; Inspiring Your Work For Years

One of the best things about 2 Lil Owls textures is how versatile they are. This bundle gives you such a huge array of textures, that you’ll constantly be finding creative uses for them within your design work.

Will you convert your regular photos into an authentic vintage outcome? Will you apply subtle scratches, noise and markings to your Photoshop work? Will you easily apply a tattered edge/border effect for your images? Will you apply stunning lighting effects and color bursts to enhance your graphic design work? Will you establish a beautiful painted style background as the basis for your composition?

There is a reason why we’ve been using 2 Lil Owls textures in our own work for over 12 months, and are still finding new uses for them in every project.

Stained Texture Pack (25 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures

Stained 2 Texture Pack (25 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures


Authentic Surface Textures for Authentic Designers

The difference between an average designer and a great designer often comes down to attention to detail. So many textures are created within Photoshop, and result in a boring, lifeless outcome. Denise has sourced her textures from authentic, truly interesting surfaces. From old Victorian manuscripts, to tattered film transfers, this texture library will breathe new life and authenticity into your design work.

For the designer who cares about attention to detail, these textures are a gold mine.

Transfer Texture Pack (30 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures

Vintique Texture Pack (45 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures


Embrace Texture Pack (10 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures

Jaunty Texture Pack (10 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures

Murky Texture Pack (10 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures

Rustic Texture Pack (10 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures

Twilight Texture Pack (10 Textures):

2 Lil Owls Textures

FREE BONUS: Texture Workshop Ebook Bundle (Worth $39)

We realize that many of you will be wanting to create your own textures, or learn how to properly use your new textures after being inspired by Denise’s wonderful work. Luckily as part of this deal, Denise has agreed to throw in a fantastic bonus, at no extra cost to you. Normally, this popular bundle sells for $39.

The Texture Workshop Ebook Bundle gives a host of professional tips and lessons for creating and using textures. Here is what Denise says about the bundle:

“The Texture Workshop Ebook is the best resource you will find of its kind! This book is jam packed with great information that will help you begin your texture work or take your texture work to the next level. Advanced processing techniques broken down in easy to understand lessons. Rich with photos sure to inspire you. This bundle includes the photos used in the workshop pages so you can follow along exactly and then experiment with your own photos. Work in Photoshop Elements? No problem… everything in the book will work for you if you are using Elements 9 or higher.”

2 Lil Owls Textures

Full Deal Terms & Licensing:

This deal includes extended licensing. This means that as well as using these resources within personal and commercial projects, you can also use them in designs/products that you resell. Here is some further clarification:

You can:

  • Use these resources within personal and commercial projects, as well as items for sale. The resources must be used within a wider design though, and not comprise the entire design. This can include, but is not limited to posters, t-shirt designs, digital goods, merchandise etc…

You can’t:

  • Resell these resources/files directly, or within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form.
  • Share these resource files with others. This is a single user license. Please contact us to enquire about multi-user licenses.

2 Lil Owls Extensive Texture Bundle (270 Beautiful Textures + Bonuses)

Deal expired$20($300)

Extended Licence Included for personal & commercial projects

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our community

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  1. Genny

    Just bought this bundle and it’s amazing. I’ve been looking for textures like these for a long time. There’s loads of choice to play around with. The tutorial that comes with the package is really easy to follow (I’m not tech savvy), the download was quick and easy. Everything ran smoothly. Thanks to Design Cuts for letting me know about this and thanks to 2 Lil Owls!

    • Tom Ross

      Thanks for the awesome feedback Genny, they really are one of a kind aren’t they! We can’t wait to see what you start creating using your new textures. Please do feel to share and we’ll hopefully feature your work as a community creation.

  2. Rating:


    This deal is absolutely well! By the way,excuse me ,could you please tell me how can I upload my photos?

    • Tom Ross

      Thanks for the question. I’m dropping you an email to clarify which photo uploading you’re referring to. Hopefully you mean uploading your work to share it with us :).

  3. Erica

    These are great textures and terrific price. The 300dpi is great, but most of my pics are about 5100 px and enlarging these might cause too much distortion. What’s your opinion? Thanks

    • Tom Ross

      Hi Erica, thanks for the great question. I too work at very high res, and honestly these textures do the job great. They’re so sharp that resizing by about 40% should still give you a fantastic looking outcome. The bonus workbook also gives you some great sharpening tips, if you want your textures looking extra sharp.

    • Rating:

      Scott Allan

      Erica, if you’re using photoshop, I believe by opening your photo as a smart object you’ll be able to resize the texture(s) as large as needed without any quality loss at all. I’m just slightly above a newbie so I hope that makes sense and I worded it right, lol…

      • Tom Ross

        Hey Scott, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately smart objects only keep an image sharp as you continually manipulate it and resize it up and down within the bounds of the original image. So for example, you could never resize a 16X16px icon to 1600X1600px, it just can’t work. Making an image larger will always see a degree of quality loss, and even smart objects can’t avoid this.

        • Cid Flaherty

          Indeed. Only smart objects with vector content can be resized at will without any loss.

  4. Donna Wilkins

    I have tried several times to download the 270 textures but I get the message that “the source file cannot be found” and I cannot download them.

    Please help.

    • Tom Ross

      Hi Donna, thanks for commenting and letting us know. I’ve emailed you about this, and you should get your textures in no time. The issue may have been the large file download size, but we’re able to split this into pieces for you to help.

  5. Rating:

    Jeannine Hetfleisch

    I have just recently learned how to use textures in photos. I’m so excited to get started with these textures. And I’m sure the e-book will be a big help too! Thanks for the bargain!

    • Tom Ross

      You’re very welcome Jeannine, thanks for commenting. Textures are excellent for adding extra depth and detail to your photography work, so I’m sure you’ll get plenty of use from them. The e-book is a fantastic guide to get your started, and it was very generous of Denise from 2 Lil Owls to let us include it as a free bonus. We’ll be posting our own tutorials next week giving you even more ideas for how to use your new textures.


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