Animation Brushes for Procreate

Introducing Animation 2020 – a lean set of clean and beautiful brushes developed for animation in Procreate 5, carefully modelled after shows such as Adventure Time and The Midnight Gospel.

Animation Brushes for Procreate

Animation in Procreate is already a powerful 2D solution, and is only going to get better with time. Now is the time to master this new medium, and gain a real edge!

Only a small handful of easy-to-use brushes, all carefully designed and curated for the various tasks you’ll deal with as an animator. The beautiful Monoline Inker is low-key my new favorite inking brush, it has really crisp clean edges that work perfect with Color Drop (for doing fills) and was designed to look exactly like the linework in contemporary professional animation.

Included in this set:

  • Airbrush Mist: When you think of an airbrush in digital art, you probably think of just a round featureless circle. But animators have been using real airbrushes for decades and they deserve so much more credit! We designed these to look and behave like real airbrushes. This one is a broad misty application for shading large areas with a fine texture.
  • Airbrush Flicks: Sometimes you just want to use an airbrush for little flicks of texture. This is for that!
  • Airbrush Medium: This airbrush has chunkier particle sizes, and a smaller radius which makes it great for shading along edges or small spots.
  • Chunky Stipple: This puts down really chunky dots, similar to a tattoo gun (but really its for stippling).
  • Monoline Inker: Straight up my new favorite inking brush. Has a very subtle (but crisp) warbly edge that gives it a handmade feel, while being a totally clean line that works beautifully with Color Drop for fills. Very consistent weight but will respond to a bit of pressure, ever-so-slightly.
  • Monoline Chunky Tapered: Just like the Monoline Inker, but has a sharper more tapered point to it, and is way more responsive to pressure so it can go very large or very small.
  • Blob Brush: This is perhaps the most basic brush ever, you definitely already have a round brush. But this blob brush is set up to behave exactly like we want, so we threw it in anyway!

Zipped File Size: 15.5 MB

File Types Included: .BRUSHSET

Software compatibility: Procreate

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Animation Brushes for ProcreateAnimation Brushes for Procreate

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