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Have you noticed how much time it takes to find the perfect variant for your photographs? As every photo is unique, it can be difficult to find the exact preset your are looking for. However, in this huge pack of Lightroom Presets, there is a system designed for you to change the settings of the preset, to match it to your picture perfectly, with a step-by-step process, and an ability to diversify enabled color sets.

Lightroom Presets

There are additionally 100 ready-to-use presets (50 colored and 50 black & white) that have been tested on many photos. They have high flexibility and versatility, and two ways of affecting pictures (soft and strong). This pack will fit for a user of any skill, and for different types of shooting – wedding or fashion, reporting or family, children, nature, architecture, sport or food shooting. This pack can give you an opportunity to process your photos in a professional and efficient way.


Ready to Use – 100 Presets:
• 50 color presets
• 50 black & white presets

Additional Effects – 200 Presets:
• 100 Light Leaks
• 32 Sunlight
• 20 Hazes
• 50 Duotone

Separate Editing System – 450 Presets:
• 55 Temperature & Tint presets
• 15 Exposure presets
• 20 Contrast & Clarity presets
• 8 Highlights & Shadows presets
• 12 HDR, Black, White presets
• 25 Vibrance & Saturation presets
• 28 Luminosity presets
• 30 Contrast Color presets
• 40 Matte Color presets
• 45 Split Toning presets
• 20 HSL SET: Color & BW presets
• 36 Camera Calibration presets
• 30 Skin Control presets
• 30 Greens Control presets
• 30 Sky (Blue) Control presets
• 20 Vignette presets
• 10 Film Grain presets
• 10 Sharpen presets
• Additional Options Presets (Noise Reduction, Lens Correction and others)

Overlays for Adobe Photoshop:
Prism Distortion – 75 overlays
Analog Lights – 45 overlays
Light Leaks – 55 overlays
Sunlight – 50

Software compatibility: Adobe Lightroom 4 (and higher), Adobe Photoshop CC (and higher)

This product was originally featured in The All-Purpose Modern Design Bundle

These images have been provided by the designer for presentational use only. Please refer to the Design Cuts license for terms of use.

Lightroom PresetsLightroom PresetsLightroom PresetsLightroom Presets

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29 lovely comments from our community

  1. Yasmin

    Is there a way to remove VAT? As a UK resident, I shouldn’t be charged US VAT.

    • Carol Stratford

      Hey Yasmin,

      Thanks for the comment and I can definitely help! So Design Cuts are actually a UK company and therefore VAT is a legal requirement if you are a resident of the EU.

      If you have a valid VAT number, you can enter this at checkout and then use the invoice to claim your VAT back :) I hope this helps!

      • Vladimir

        Hallo Carol. its absolutelly frustrating…:
        Allways and now again add the VAT. 50% of cases doesn’t work online checking.
        Its frustrating for yours business. Im relaxed now and will return twice and more times to e-shop

        • Annabel Smith

          Thanks so much for replying to Carol’s comment Vladimir and I am so sorry to hear that you have experienced difficulty adding your VAT Number for some of your purchases. I have double checked our link to the European Commission, and it looks like they are currently experiencing some connection difficulties, however they are on the case to get this fixed. I can see that you have emailed us about our current bundle so rest assured if there are any other items that you would also like to pick up without the VAT, please pop me a screenshot of your cart and I can definitely organise a manual payment with you to save you from any delays.

  2. Guilherme Lucio

    I can’t add to the cart

    • Annabel Smith

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us Guilherme and I’m really sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulty adding this one to your cart.

      I can definitely help you get up and running with this and have just popped you over an email to see exactly what may be happening for you!

  3. SJ- Community Manager

    Hey Design Cutters!

    I just wanted to pop a quick comment on this page to let you all know that we have been able test the Lightroom App on an iPad here in the office today and these presets worked really well :)

    We did however install these on the desktop version first, so if anyone did have trouble with the install process on the app, just let us know and we can certainly organise a full refund for you within 30 days of your purchase, as Annabel mentioned.

    I hope this helps!

  4. Samantha

    Is this compatible with the Lightroom App? Thanks!

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Samantha,

      Thanks so much for your comment. This pack is certainly compatible with Lightroom, however we would actually recommend against using Lightroom for your mobile phone, as this pack has not really been created for mobile use. Some of our files (especially bundles) can be quite large and most phones unfortunately do not have the space to store products like computers/ laptops do. We want you to be able to get the most out of your resources Samantha and if you work with this one on your desktop you should certainly be able to use this pack to its fullest :).

      • ahmed

        Assuming we have the space on our phone, will the presets be fully functional and compatible ? Or is it more an issue of processing capability on a mobile device ? Thank you so much !

        • Annabel Smith

          Hey Ahmed,

          Thanks so much for your comment! To be completely transparent with you, we have not tested this one ourselves using the Lightroom mobile App, however due to the size of these files, we believe that these presets may not work exactly as intended if used on a mobile device.

          If you wanted to trial this out for yourself however Ahmed, we would be happy to let you purchase this pack to test this out on your side to see if this will be useful for you. As we offer a 30 day trial for your purchases, if this collection is not useful for your particular projects, just let us know how you get on and I can certainly provide you with a refund. I hope this helps!

  5. jane

    Do these work in ACR?

    • Annabel Smith

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us Jane!

      This particular pack has been created specifically for Lightroom. Usually Lightroom and ACR presets are not actually compatible with each other, which is why this one is only listed as compatible with Lightroom 4 and newer.

      We do not work with ACR ourselves so I am unable to test this for you to confirm if these presets will work. I would be more than happy for you to purchase the Lightroom Presets Bundle, trial it out and see how you get on with it. Hopefully you do find it to be useful, however if you decide it’s not for you please do let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I will happily refund you in full :).


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