Frosted & Frozen Creative Kit Combo (for Photoshop and Illustrator)

I was getting inspired by a certain popular motion picture and thought, how can I translate this into a kit that is useful and elegant and great for all kinds of winter designs, both practical and decorative… and the result is another delicious collection of styles, this time for both Photoshop and Illustrator in one turnkey kit! You’ve got 1 click styles for Photoshop, the whole source pattern set which makes it easy to flip through styles, a movie inspired colors palette for both Photoshop and Illustrator, and exciting wintery brushes for Photoshop!

Frosted & Frozen Creative Kit Combo

The Style Collections include: Glacially Deep, Arctic Crystals, Liquid Ice, Icy Sequins, Shimmering Snow, Sparkling Frosts, and Iridescent Icicles! Apply them in any color with a color overlay on the layer style!

• Creative Cloud Ready for Photoshop
Lovers of Creative Cloud Libraries rejoice! For those who like to keep their styles organized in their Creative Cloud libraries, I’ve got a treat for you! New, individual psd files with the styles collections already applied to swatches. With one click you can upload the entire styles collection to your CC library with appropriate labels, saving you hours of time! Also, If you don’t feel like loading your styles into Photoshop, you can simply open up one of the new psd files and copy and paste the layer style to your own document. Easy peasy!!

• New Color Add-On Styles for Photoshop
Why bog down photoshop with the exact same styles in different tones? Now you can colorize existing styles to any color you like with just a click!

Frosted and Frozen for Photoshop

• 65 seamless and completely unique wintery patterns
• Frosted and Frozen 1 click layer styles for all of the patterns + various color options
• 12 dynamic Photoshop brushes
• Pattern resize action to resize a print pattern for your web document or size down a style by 50%
• Color swatch set: Beautiful aquas, blues, fuchsias and violets. All the colors from your favorite movie!

Frosten and Frozen for Illustrator

• 65 seamless raster pattern swatches, don’t bog down your .AI graphics with complex vector effects, raster swatches give you all the drama and less hassle!
• Color swatch set: Beautiful aquas, blues, fuchsias and violets. All the colors from your favorite movie!
• See tutorial for applying them in different colors

Software requirements: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS3 and newer.

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Frosted & Frozen Creative Kit Combo
Frosted & Frozen Creative Kit Combo
Frosted & Frozen Creative Kit Combo

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14 lovely comments from our community

  1. Rating:


    is there a video tutorial on how to use these?

    • Ben Neeves

      Hey Mini,

      Thank you so much for your comment & for your marketplace purchases! We hope you are enjoying working with them :)

      I’m pleased to report that there is indeed a video tutorial for this Creative Kit – the lovely Jessica at Creators Couture has put together an awesome video series for this kit which we would definitely recommend checking out:

      I hope this helps, Mini, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions. I’m here to help!

  2. Mini

    Hi Ben

    thank you so much for responding. I checked out the videos and I’m so excited to start using these! just in time for Christmas, I can’t wait to create some awesome products with it. and with your bundle discount deal, I’ve really got it at a steal!!!! thank you guys so very much, designcuts team is just amazing!!

    • SJ Duff

      Hey Mini,

      Aww thank you so much for leaving Ben such a lovely comment.

      He is on leave at the moment, but i’ll be sure to pass this on as soon as he gets back on Monday!

      Im so glad your loving this one and I hope that you do have loads of fun working with it :)

  3. Rating:


    its seriously AWESOME! and so r u guys here!

    • Ben Neeves

      That is fantastic to hear, Mini! We’re so pleased you’re loving this item :)

  4. Lisa D.

    Wow, what a gorgeous set of styles. I wish I had compatible software but alas I don’t. I’ll just have to admire it from afar.

    • Ben Neeves

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Lisa! I’m really sorry to hear that these styles will not work for you in your software but if you could let me know what you are working in, I’d be more than happy to offer some alternative items for you :)

  5. Peggy

    What is the font that you are using? I need it, lol.

    • Ben Neeves

      Hey Peggy,

      Thanks for your comment :) I’m afraid I’m not 100% on which font the designer has used in these preview graphics but rest assured, I can certainly find this out for you :) I’ve sent you a quick email to assist you with this. I hope it helps!

  6. s_miin829


    Thank you for the gorgeous design. This is my first time purchasing the product from your site. I tried to open the Illustrator file, however, unlike the Photoshop file, the Illustrator one is a blank page and there isn’t any pop up message asking whether I want to add the patterns into the library like how the Photoshop did.

    • Ben Neeves

      Hey Shwu,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for picking up this pack! It’s great to hear that this is your first purchase from us so a huge “Welcome to Design Cuts!” from me and the whole team :)

      I’m so sorry for any confusion when installing the Illustrator files in this pack. Rest assured, I’m on the case to get you up and running again :) I’ve popped you an email to assist you with this. I hope it helps, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions. I’m always happy to help!

  7. Scandals.undercover

    Hi there! :)
    This style kit looks awesome and I’d like to puchase it but right now I’m changing from PS and AI to Affinty Photo and Affinity Designer. I know the brushes will work just fine but I’m not sure about the rest. Any experiences here?
    THX! :)


      Hey Michaela,

      We’re so glad that you like this one!

      As we work in PS & AI ourselves, I unfortunately cannot test this in Affinty Photo and Affinity Designer for you I am afraid! The great news is though, the designers that we work with will always list the software compatibility in the item description as well as any extra files that have been provided that may work in other softwares, so i’d definitely suggest checking that out :)


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