Genuine Crafted Chalk By Trailhead Design Co.

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Completely Dust Free Chalk Brushes

This incredible set includes 75 brushes in total for both Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator! The most extensive brush set I’ve ever created.

Creating this set has been a fun challenge. Sure, there are plenty of chalk brush sets out on the market, but I wanted to create one that covered all bases. A complete resource that provided extensive tools for both Photoshop and Illustrator. Each brush had to look and feel like real chalk, and each brush had to be useful. It was a pretty tall order, and I feel confident that I met the goals and demands I put upon this product.

Genuine Crafted Chalk

As with all of my items, this one is made by hand using real life materials. I started out with chalk on my hands in order to figure out exactly how a real chalk stroke looks and acts. This product is extensive, so I included a quick reference guide and some installation instructions to simplify everything.

Included in this set:

20 Brush Tool Presets for Photoshop. These brushes give you realistic chalk strokes in Photoshop, giving you the ability to create chalk art with the freedom of pressure sensitivity and stroke build up.

55 Vector Illustrator Brushes. I included 55 brushes for Illustrator to cover the wide array of strokes you can achieve with a single piece of chalk. Fine lines, medium strokes, shaders and scribbles… they’re all there waiting for you to create some incredible vector chalk art.

6 Bonus Chalkboard Textures. These textures were created from photographs of vintage slate chalkboards. These textures make perfect backgrounds for your chalk art.

Quick Reference Guide. This set is big, so I included some quick reference guides for you to use at-a-glance when choosing which brush to work with.

Installation Instructions. For those users who might be new to working with PS Tool Presets or Illustrator Brushes.

Note: The default color of these brushes in Photoshop is white (like chalk) so make sure your document background is set to a nice slate gray or black. You can also use the included chalkboard textures as your background!

Software compatibility: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 and newer.

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Genuine Crafted Chalk

Genuine Crafted Chalk $16


  • 20 Brush Tool Presets for Photoshop
  • 55 Vector Illustrator Brushes
  • 6 Bonus Chalkboard Textures
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Installation Instructions
  • Software compatibility: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 and newer.

Product terms:

  • This resource includes our extended product license. Please see full license details here.
  • File size is approx 128.3MB (174.8MB unzipped), offered as a single download.

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