Prepare to have your questions answered – hair or lettering related, or anywhere in between. Jimbo Bernaus of ShoutBam supports the Creative Club by addressing questions submitted in The Community Hub.

Questions Answered by Jimbo in This Session:

Social Media Marketing and Usage

  • Robz Lipner: I would love to hear some tips on social media marketing, anything besides making videos of myself 🤣🤣
  • Katie Viren: How do you use social media, and what changes have you noticed recently in how it works?
  • Jeff Mitton: I’m curious about social media marketing. I’ve been posting my work on an open Instagram account, and have picked up a few followers, some great support from the DC community, but how do I pick up more followers?
  • Raoul.ditoma: Social media has evolved a lot and will keep on: which one to start is the best?

Lettering Composition

  • Rebecca Khan: How can we tackle the composition of lettering pieces with a LOT of words? I’m talking like about 1-2 sentences in a single piece.
  • Crystal Randall: How do you stay diligent with your lettering and composition? I find it hard to make compositions therefore lose interest in the lettering.
  • Wendy @Quietree: In composition work, is it best to start with a toolbox of fully designed alphabets that you can pull from or is it ok to build a word design while you create a composition? What is your preference or approach?
  • Anu Ashok: Finally, is there a process to cut down the time taken to complete a piece or is it a matter of practice? I’m exhausted by the time I finish one. I started a 100-day lettering challenge to improve my speed, and the 100 days just flew past.. I’m stuck at day 20
  • Neeta Budhraja: How do you decide which elements will suit a quote composition? I just give textured backgrounds and at times some floral illustrations, which at times, don’t look exciting. At times I flourish the quotes with offhand flourishes.
  • Victoria Margaret: How do you decide what embellishments will look best for a particular lettering project?

Lettering Skills and Techniques

  • Ledys Chemin:
    • What is the most basic skill you need to have for lettering?
    • How do you get started in lettering?
    • What is the path, or the skill set, that you need to have to become a lettering artist?
  • Anu Ashok:
    • Do we need to learn a lot of lettering styles ?? (because many vintage lettering books have hundreds of type samples) You teach serif, sans serif and script in your kits as a starting point but how to move further from that point
    • How do you choose colours that stand out in all your lettering compositions? Like, no one can ignore it! It just shouts!
    • How much texture is too much texture?! Your lettering pieces are like illustrations packed with texture and effects. How do you decide where to bring out the texture?

Sources of Inspiration

  • Hailey Kernohan: Where can you find ideas to letter? I never know what to write aside from typical “live laugh love” stuff, which is kinda uninspiring.

Sketchbook Practice and Final Pieces

  • JR Starzynski: How does your sketchbook practice translate into a finished piece? Could you please share an example of how you took something you did in your sketchbook and used it in a piece and made decisions that helped it become more polished and final?

Favourite Tools and Interests

  • Maddie Mazurek: What’s your all time favourite brush… and dinosaur?

Group Coaching with Jimbo Bernaus – May 31st

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