Nathan covers everything from brush organisation to artistic style in this incredible session, as he answers the burning questions straight from the Creative Club community.

Find invaluable insights and tips you’d never imagine in this brilliant group coaching session.

Questions answered by Nathan in this session:

  • Beverly Everson:
  • What are some practical suggestions on how I can change my style of painting? I try and then I find myself doing it the way I’ve always done.
  • Cindy Yang:
  • How can we choose and blend colors to add interest to an object, such as an apple? Besides the typical reds, greens, and spots of yellow or orange, what other colors can we use to enhance its visual appeal? Thank you!
  • Hailey Kernohan:
  • Procreate brush making and organizing. I love the ultimate toolkit, but there is a lot… also what do you look for in a good reference image? Finally, any advice on abstraction and creating paintings that have character but still look like the subject (like the watercolor boxer puppy or oil hummingbird). Thank you!
  • Rebecca Khan:
  • My question is a two part one, but if you can only answer one, please do the second part!
  • First, I want to know what goes through your mind when you’re analyzing a reference and creating your initial sketch – what sorts of details are you looking for and what do you make sure to include in the sketch and what (if anything) do you find not as important?
  • Secondly, (and more specifically to your style) when you’re actually doing the painting, how do you decide which details you’re going to leave in and what you want to “disintegrate” (that’s the best word I could come up with to describe your style) into the background? How do you decide what stays and what gets abstracted? And how much abstraction is TOO much abstraction? Thank you for your time!
  • Marion Elizabeth Goddard:
  • I want to paint watercolor with Procreate but have trouble having the watercolor look blended and look real and not choppy looking or unprofessional.
  • Amy Greening aka Amy1(butfirstdoodles):
  • You lost all but 5 of your digital brushes on your iPad in your move to your fallout shelter. What brushes do you hope remain and why can’t you live without them?
  • Selrahcnewrad:
  • I’m definitely leaning toward more abstraction in my artwork. Do you do any pure abstract paintings? If so, could you give us some helpful suggestions that would increase our chances of creating an appealing work of art and not just something a chimp might produce?
  • JR Starzynski:
  • Have you painted any movie posters lately? I have really enjoyed when you’ve shared your work on these before and would love to see more!
  • Victoria Margaret:
  • I’m not completely sure how to word my question, but I was wondering how you pick what effects to use when you’re reacting to the paint rather than having the paint react to you? I find it makes sense to me in theory but I never know how to approach it when I’m doing my own work and not following along with a session. Then also where to place the stamps, how to make them fit with the painting and not overpower it or deter from it, etc. ?
  • Anu Ashok:
  • Thank you for sharing your watercolour wisdom in all your courses. I have a few questions: Is it possible to create digitally, the different brush techniques you teach in your traditional course?
  • While blending watercolour digitally, I end up losing texture. I always use the soft wash brush from your toolbox to give a base coat but lose the amazing texture if I blend.
  • When I paint something from a popular reference eg. a celebrity or a movie or tv series and try to sell it commercially, would I be violating copyright issues?
  • Lheraultmel (question did come through after cut off time, but I’ve added in any event):
  • I struggled with digital and standard watercolor painting, I find myself double tapping on my paper to erase a faulty stroke…. What can I do to adjust or help with the regular watercolor to transform a faulty stroke into something that complements the drawing.

Group Coaching with Nathan Brown – June 14th

Available in Creative Club

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