Huge Creative Font Bundle (Including Web Fonts)

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11 Incredibly Creative, Best-Selling Fonts for Designers (+ Extras)

After many requests for another creative font bundle, we’ve done it again! This bundle includes 11 best-selling, hugely versatile creative font families. These fonts are not only beautiful, but include varying weights, styles, and even bonus packs to give you ultimate typographic control. Even better – every font includes web font versions AND extended licensing!


Why We Think This is the Greatest Font Deal Ever

After the huge success of our last creative font bundle, we set out to bring you guys something even more awesome.

Before you scroll down to the typographic goodness, I wanted to share why we think we’ve brought you the greatest font deal of all time:

  • The 11 fonts in this deal are already best sellers, and among the best creative fonts in the world. Not only are they absolutely beautiful, but they include tons of extra weights, styles and bonus packs including symbol fonts/icons. The attention to detail in these fonts shines through, and they’re true works of art.
  • Generally deals in this price range give you 1-2 fonts max. By including 11 fonts of this quality, we’re giving you quality and quantity, with unbeatable value. You’re saving 94% on this bundle, which is truly unprecedented for fonts of this quality.
  • All fonts in this bundle include web versions, at absolutely no extra cost to you. These web versions would normally skyrocket the price, so to get them for free is pretty insane.
  • As well as web versions, we’ve secured you the best licensing possible! There is an extended license on all fonts in this bundle. This means that not only are they OK for commercial projects, but you can use these fonts in items that you sell. The only restriction is that you cannot redistribute the fonts directly (i.e.: ‘as is’).

So without further ado, on to the font goodness!


Altus Complete Font Family

Altus is a legible display family with both a sans-serif and serif version, as well as unique ornaments and extras. Altus is playfully hand drawn, but legible enough to be used as text. It works well with others, and has both uppercase and lowercase. The uppercase has a hint of a unicase flavor for a little extra playfulness. Opentype features include standard ligatures and discretionary ligatures.

This font includes web versions

Huge Creative Font Bundle

BONUS: Altus Extras Pack

Altus also includes this great extras pack, containing lovely hand-drawn frames and flourishes.

Huge Creative Font Bundle

Castor Complete Font Family

Castor is a wood type and letterpress hybrid based on grotesque letterforms. It’s a vintage distressed display with 3 options for each letter; Uppercase, lowercase, and alternates. Castor comes complete with 4 styles plus catchwords, unique ‘catchword dividers’ (horizontal rules), ornaments, as well as a free set of extras! (grunge, dividers and bullets) The catchwords, ornaments, and dividers are designed to compliment the font family giving it a ton of diversity, and the designer unlimited creative options. Opentype features include alternate letters and numbers, double letter ligatures for realism, subscript numbers,and superscript numbers.

Castor Complete includes:
1.) Castor One
2.) Castor One Oblique
3.) Castor Two
4.) Castor Two Oblique
(All fonts above include: 500 Glyphs, Alternates, Ligatures, Subscript & Superscript Numbers)
5.) Castor Catchwords (114 Glyphs)
6.) Castor Catchword Dividers (164 Glyphs, 8 variations for each catchword)
7.) Castor Ornaments (84 Glyphs)
8.) Castor Extras (56 Glyphs, Grunge, Bars & Dividers, Bullets)

This font includes web versions

Huge Creative Font Bundle

BONUS: Castor Ornaments Pack

Huge Creative Font Bundle

Oil Change

Oil Change is a hand drawn 3D display font with more personality than you can shake a stick at. It’s perfect for your more creative projects, and has a really personal feel to it.

This font includes web versions

Huge Creative Font Bundle

Sparhawk Complete Font Family

Sparhawk in it’s obvious form is a 3D layered display font, but its packed with over 300 swashes, extremely rare in the 3D font world. Every single swash is hand drawn for extreme realism.

The lowercase are small caps and the swashes are designed to be used mostly with the lowercase letters (top and drop swashes), but the drop (bottom) swashes also work well with all caps.

Sparhawk’s large character set and plethora of alternates makes it perfect for logo type, birthdays, weddings, bands… the list goes on.

All features include: 8 Awesome Layer Styles, 15 sets of Stylistic Alternates (over 300+ Individually Drawn Swashes), Double-Letter Ligatures for upper and lowercase, and Contextual Alternates.

This product includes all 9 fonts in OTF and TTF format.
All styles contain 573 Glyphs, 15 Stylistic Sets, Contextual Alternates, Ligatures, over 300 Alternate Swashes
Sparhawk Regular
Sparhawk Fill
Sparhawk Outline
Sparhawk Outline Fill
Sparhawk Bold
Sparhawk Bold Fill
Sparhawk Black
Sparhawk Shadow
Sparhawk Extras

This font includes web versions

Huge Creative Font Bundle

BONUS: Sparhawk ‘Extras’ Font

Huge Creative Font Bundle

Kimmy Design

Appareo Complete Font Family

Inspired by vintage books and the pages within, Appareo is an imperfect, worn serif font that comes in three weights. Each weight is has a varying degree of distress, from Black, in which the press and ink fully set into the page, to Medium, Light and Extralight, where the texture is heaviest. Each weight also has a custom italics version of each character.

To fully give the authentic feel of worn pages of dusty of books, Appareo has 5 character variations assigned through Contextual Alternatives using Opentype features. This allows no two same letters to ever be found near each other.

Appareo also has a set of graphic elements, including frame, banners, borders, arrows, etc in the same style and texture.

This font includes web versions

Huge Creative Font Bundle

BONUS: Appareo Extras

The Appareo font family is supported by a huge bonus graphics pack, containing a wide selection of frames and clipart. These graphics come in .png, .ai, .pdf and .eps formats.

Huge Creative Font Bundle

Latino Type

Ride My Bike

Ride my bike is a fresh handmade typeface inspired by street style and the new culture that moves pedaling around the city.

Perfect for use in headlines, brands and fashion photography compose alternative, thanks to its leading characters, terminals, alternate characters and ligatures that you can find in the Pro version. This version contains more than 600 glyphs.

The ‘Dingbats’ font in this family has 91 dingbats, very fun to compliment and accentuate the handmade design.

If you do not want to ride so fast, you can find a version without OpenType features – Essential.

This font includes web versions

Huge Creative Font Bundle

Ride My Bike (Serif)

Ride my bike Serif is a new version of successful handmade typeface Ride My Bike designed by Coto Mendoza. Inspired by street style and the new culture that moves pedaling around the city.

Perfect for use in headlines, brands and fashion photography compose alternative, thanks to its leading characters, terminals, alternate characters and ligatures that you can find in the Pro version. This time with serif.

The ‘Ornaments’ font in this family has 121 dingbats, very fun to compliment and accentuate the handmade design.

Huge Creative Font Bundle


Trend is a font made of layers, taking as a basis a sans and a slab font. We’ve included all weights and variations, giving you the complete font family.

It is the result of observation, search and study of the last global trends. Trend tries to capture the aesthetics of fashion or even fashion itself, integrating elements of a very popular and current trend.

It is a typeface designed to be used without need to add anything external to it, because it has all components required for this.
Trend is trending.

This font includes web versions

Huge Creative Font Bundle

Trend Hand-Made

We’ve included the complete font family for Trend Hand-Made the more arty cousin of the regular Trend font family.

This also includes varying weights and styles, and is absolutely beautiful to use in your more creative work!

This font includes web versions

Huge Creative Font Bundle

Yellow Design Studio

Anondyne Complete Font Family

Anodyne is a warm and weathered all-caps font from Yellow Design Studio with hand-printed texture and unique shadow options. Features include four distress variations for each letter and at least two for every other character. Double-letter ligatures add realism by eliminating identical texture in adjacent characters.

Layering regular and shadow versions allows independent control of the shadow color. Switch between lower-case and capital letters to change texture, or use opentype contextual alternates for additional, extra-distressed variations. Anodyne has an extended character set for multiple language support.

Includes 6 fonts in OTF format:
Anodyne Italic
Anodyne Shadow
Anodyne Shadow Italic
Anodyne Combined
Anodyne Combined Italic

This font includes web versions

Huge Creative Font Bundle

Veneer Complete Font Family

Veneer from Yellow Design Studio is a high resolution hand-crafted letterpress font that’s vintage and authentic with a touch of grunge. It’s highly customizable with six distress options for every letter and three for all other characters, and because it’s remarkably detailed, it looks great even at very large sizes. In addition it includes a matching set of funky extras!

The Veneer family includes Veneer, Veneer Two, and Veneer Three with Veneer containing the least distressed characters and Veneer Three the most. Mix and match as desired to create realistic letterpress type.

TIP: In Photoshop Veneer looks best with anti-aliasing set to “smooth”. Because of Veneer’s high level of detail, it may process more slowly in some applications.

Includes 8 fonts in OTF format:
Veneer Italic
Veneer Two
Veneer Two Italic
Veneer Three
Veneer Three Italic
Veneer Extras
Veneer Extras Italic

This font includes web versions

Huge Creative Font Bundle

Full Deal Terms & Licensing:

This deal includes extended licensing. This means that as well as using these resources within personal and commercial projects, you can also use them in designs/products that you resell. Here is some further clarification:

You can:

  • Use these resources within personal and commercial projects, as well as items for sale. The resources must be used within a wider design though, and not comprise the entire design. This can include, but is not limited to posters, t-shirt designs, digital goods, merchandise etc…

You can’t:

  • Resell these resources/files directly, or within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form.
  • Share these resource files with others. This is a single user license. Please contact us to enquire about multi-user licenses.

Here’s a quick overview of all the fonts included in this bundle, and remember, each font also includes web versions, at no extra cost to you:

Huge Creative Font Bundle

Deal expired$28($595)

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139 lovely comments from our community

  1. Rating:

    Francesco Nicoli

    I’ve just bought this although i already got : anodyne, appareo (+web), trend hand-made and castor(+web).
    Webfonts are valid just for one website?

    • Tom Ross

      We’re glad you were able to grab this deal at full discount Francesco. Just to confirm – you’re absolutely allowed to use the web fonts on more than one website. It’s just a restriction for one user (e.g.: you couldn’t share these with friends). I hope this helps.

      • rob

        Hey Tom,

        I missed out on this great offer :( will you do in again? I want to buy them all

        Cheers Rob

        • Tom Ross

          No problem, Rob. I’ve emailed you about this.

          • cate

            is there a chance these are still available, id like to buy more of your creative fonts, but just found your site and am in awe

            • Tina Muller

              I’m so sorry, but the Huge Creative Font Bundle is now well and truly finished. This is also one of our older bundles, so it’s very unlikely we will re-run this again, as it has already been offered a few times. Rest assured though that we’ll have many many more font bundles in the future, so there will be more chances for you to grab some amazing typographies. :)

  2. Matthew Price

    A great start to the day, just got into the design studio and found this deal on my inbox from Red Lemon Club. Bonus!

    • Tom Ross

      Thanks Matthew! We hope you love using all your new fonts. Please do let us see what you create using them.

  3. Tereza Pánková

    I just bought this awesome pack of incredible fonts! Thanks for this deal!* Really excited to try them on my food blog! I’ll let you know how it looks! :)

    • Tom Ross

      Fantastic stuff Tereza! I can’t wait to see how you put these to use.

  4. Rating:

    Tony Lee

    Hi chaps..

    This all looks fab – paid for and downloading as we speak (or type), however.. unless I am missing something, the sales email and the info on the site says “11 fonts” but in the download area it says “A fantastic bundle of 9 incredibly versatile, creative fonts…”


    • Tom Ross

      Hey Tony, thanks so much for the great review and feedback. We hope you love using your new fonts.

      There were originally 9 fonts in this bundle, but after some community suggestions we negotiated 2 extra fonts for you guys. :)


    Hello! Could you please check if they support spanish characters?

    • Tom Ross

      They certainly do! Virtually all Western language characters are covered. Thanks for checking this with us Cesar.


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