Illustrated Recipes Creator

Presenting Illustrated Recipes Creator, a set that allows you to make your own illustrated recipes, without actually illustrating them and in a fraction of the time.

Illustrated Recipes Creator

I had been obsessing over this idea for a while now and I thought that maybe this would put a smile on your face as it surely did put on mine when I realised that illustrated recipes shouldn’t be only for super talented artists. Its a simple and beautiful way of sharing with your loved ones recipes made by you or maybe some family heirlooms!

The “aha” moment came when I was struggling to remember an old cake recipe that my grandma used to make when I was a . I managed to remember most of the ingredients and procedure, so I wrote them down on a piece of paper and thought, how precious this old cake recipe would look illustrated and how awesome it would be if I could share it with my closest friends through season cards, of birthday cards etc.

This pack contains so many elements, from fruits to veggies, nuts, seeds, dairy products, vegan products, meats, oils, seafood, pasta, herbs and spices, base ingredients, text enhancers and florals.

Also, this pack contains an awesome calendar creator/template to make your own illustrated calendar with seasonal recipes for each month.

Additionally, 3 recipe card templates with different styles are included to keep your most precious family recipes safe!

Included in this set:

• Illustrations of vegetables, fruit, spice, bread, pasta, oils, meats, dairy and more
• Bonus 12 calendar templates – one for each month
• Bonus 4 recipe card templates

Zipped File Size: 1.61 GB

File Types Included: .JPG, .PNG, .PSD

Software compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CS3 (and higher).

This product has not been featured in a past deal.

Illustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes CreatorIllustrated Recipes Creator

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16 lovely comments from our community

  1. Rose Thorn

    I love the look of this collection but, I’d like to point out that there is a spelling error in the Illustrated-Recipes-Creator-strip13.jpg image above. The example is titled “Breads & Diary”;however, I think what it was intended to be “Breads & Dairy”.

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Rose,

      Thank you so much for pointing this out and we’re so sorry for any disappointment caused! Rest assured we will certainly pass this on to the designer for future and we really appreciate your support!

  2. mc.goloy

    Charming! I hope the artist will also make a set of utensils and other kitchen stuff so we can combine it with this. And maybe additional sets for ingredients in other cuisines. :)

    • SJ- Community Manager

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such an awesome suggestion. Rest assured, the designers that we work with are always checking the comments here on the deal page so hopefully this may be something that can be added to the list :)

  3. Lyn

    Love this graphics! What are the fonts used for the recipes? Thanks!

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Lyn,

      Thanks for your comment- it’s great to hear that you love these! Unfortunately we do not create these preview graphics ourselves, rest assured though Lyn I can definitely help you with this! The designer has used Brigitte by Graphic Box, Spring Market by Beck McCormic, Poppit and Finch by Nicky Laatz and Portabella by Callie Hegstrom.

      The great news is that we already have Portabella in our Marketplace, which you can pick up here: If you would like to be able to pick up all of these, I can certainly pop some links over to our Product Team to see if we can include these in future for you so please do not hesitate to reach out to us :)

  4. raquelsantos23

    Such a beautiful collection!
    I would love to see more of Opia Designs available here, if possible :)

    • Carol Stratford

      Hey Raquel,

      Thanks so much for commenting and we are so pleased you like this collection by Opia :)

      I will definitely pass your feedback onto our Product team and ask them to keep an eye out for more products by Opia- I hope that helps!

  5. ksbart64

    Simply gorgeous! Anxious to purchase, how are you handling spelling error?

    • Annabel Smith

      Thanks so much for your comment Kate, and it’s really lovely to hear that you find these elements are simply gorgeous- we’re so glad that you like them!

      We are really sorry for the spelling mistake on one the preview graphics. This preview graphic has been provided by the designer to show you exactly what the Bread and Dairy themed illustrations look like in this particular pack, so this should not effect the actual design files in any way. I have just popped you over an email to see if I can help you further with this Kate and I hope that you will enjoy picking this pack up for your collection :)

  6. Pei Li

    This is so lovely! I’m certainly bookmarking this to purchase it! Can the designer also make more desserts, cakes illustrations? Those will definitely be a hit!!!

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Pei,

      It’s awesome to hear that you love this recipe creator, and I hope that you have great fun working with these elements when you pick it up :). Thanks so much for your suggestion and we can definitely ask to see if this is something that the designer may include in future!

  7. Rating:


    This is such a beautiful collection. I’ve never made recipe cards but I feel like I need to start because of this collection! xo

    • Annabel Smith

      Hey Odette,

      Thanks for your lovely comment and it is awesome to hear that this pack is giving you inspiration to try something new! If you would be happy sharing your creations with us, we would love to see what you make :)

  8. Rating:


    Love this idea and would like to also see utensils like previously commented about- bowls, whisks, spatulas, measuring spoons, etc. These are very colorful and rich looking. Thank you!

    • Carol Stratford

      Hey Maureen,

      Thanks so much for the comment and we are so pleased that you like the look of this one! I have definitely passed your suggestions onto Adriann to have a chat with the designer to see if this is something that could be potentially updated to include in the future :)


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